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Did you request off work the 15th?

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Sleeping is for the weak Drysc. Ima call you Drysc instead of Bashiok because I miss my tree.
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Used vacation for the whole week. I never take vacation so I have plenty of time banked. Told my boss exactly why. He's a gamer too so it wasn't an issue. I told him if he renegs on it I will suddenly get pneumonia. Not even my wife will mess with Diablo......
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I won't be taking a day off on launch day, but I might change my mind as the week goes on. My entire family is so ready for this game!
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05/08/2012 07:52 PMPosted by LOL
This might sound silly but the biggest thing bugging me about the game currently is that your battletag shows over your character instead of the character name. I'm sure most other people hate this too, and I was wondering if there's any chance this could be reversed before release?

Certainly not silly. :)

We've currently no plans to modify the BattleTag system before release, but we are keeping an eye on all related feedback. We know some players are apprehensive of the new system and understand those concerns, but we also know a lot players are happy with it (or simply neutral). It's something we'll be watching closely once the game ships.

Let's not get this off-topic thread off-topic, though. If you want to discuss the BattleTag system, the best place to do so right now is here.
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i got 4 weeks paid vacation coming up...for sure taking 2 weeks....at least...cant wait... :D
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When it was official that blizzard were working on D3, each year i reminded my boss when Diablo3 coming out im taking a week off ( tue to fri in this case ).

I told them D3 release on may 15th im off they said you got it. We know you really like that game.
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tried and got it originally.. then they needed someone and i ended up working on the 15th again. blah.
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i have the 13th - 21st off.....i requested it off the moment i found out about the release date.....i love working for the government.
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i have second week off... thats when AH goes live anyways.. i do think there should be some sort of toon name under your tag name. future patch?
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Requested the whole week off as soon as the launch date was announced. My boss thinks I'll be at a rustic cabin in nothern Wisconsin bonding with some dear friends coming in from out of state. The only thing I'll be bonding with are a Barbarian, a Witch Doctor, and the cute pizza delivery girl whose job it will be to keep me nourished enough to stay alive for a week. Best vacation ever!
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i dont exactly work, but taking time off raid from WoW :)

"The falling star has struck the old cathedral outside of town, have to help friend rescue her uncle"
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Absolutely! Took one week paid vacation. Saving my other week for sometime in June or July probably
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One good thing about being in Australia is that the opening time of 12:01AM PDT is actually 4:30PM my time. So we don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to play and ruin the following day; we get to finish work, go home and log straight in!!

I'm just going to ask for an early knock off that day - I'll tell the boss I've the green apple splatters, that always works no questions asked!
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unfortunately I have exams Tuesday >:X There's no calling off from those. But will I be staying up all night Playing D3 until I have to take such exam?

Hells yes.
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got that tuesday off like i always do so will be able to play it all day woot
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Oh ya! With pay too! I have Tuesday Wed Thur off! :)
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