Diablo® III

Did you request off work the 15th?

90 Human Death Knight
Taking the following week off. Will give the game enough time to work out all the bugs of initial first week release.
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took the first four days off, Tues-Fri, exclusively for Diablo 3. ;)
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90 Pandaren Shaman
Im working the night shift when it comes out, I didnt even bother requesting the day off, cause I doubt Id get it anyway.

Then again, why would I bother? I can play D3 at work

hehe, getting paid to play D3, doesnt get much better than that.
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Good thing I work weekends and get Tuesday-Friday off. My wife said I can't play for four days straight though. =(
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Server open time for AUS is 5:01pm and my work day finishes at 3:30pm so didn't bother taking the 15th off... I did however tell my boss that my family and I are going away from the 16th till the 20th giving me a lovely 5 day weekend to Diablo all that I can.
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it was weird because all of a sudden my schedule changed so i had that whole tuesday off but i never requested or had the opportunity to. fate has spoken!
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I need off the 14th-19th because I have a lecture series at school that's going to be all day everyday for a week... No questions asked
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Got it off & just said I was taking a vacation day. Nuf said. Can't frakkin wait!
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I did have 15-18th booked in for holidays but the lady who normally covers me handed in her notice and finishes this saturday. Holidays cancelled. FAAAARRRRKKKKKK.
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no because i hav to wait for my CE , that supose arribe the same day of the release but a not thru on bestbuy shippment
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85 Worgen Mage
Took the week off through paid vacation time. Woo!
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70 Draenei Paladin
Oh yea, took off from the 14th til the 23rd. Told my boss I was over due for a vacation. She laughed at me, then I reminded her I'd worked 2 & 1/2 years without one.
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I foresee sick days coming on lol :P
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Work when I want, so going to have tues-sun off for sure. Good to know i'm not the only one
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I have the 16-18th off. SOOOO excited.
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I'm working double shifts to cover for coworkers who are taking the day off to play. I won't get to play until later that night, when all of them will be halfway through Act II.

You're welcome.
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yup I get Fri,Sat,Sun... have to work Monday but get Tuesday and Wednesday off. HURRRRRAY!!!!!
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Called in sick eh? Got ya!
Make sure to show up for work now you've been found out, you know who you are.
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i requested 5 days off saying that i want to play diablo3 and to slay demons and nerd out in my man cave
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Im done with all my finals on the 11th! So dont need to worry over classes anymore after that :]
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