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Did you request off work the 15th?

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I took next Thursday and Friday off so I can melt my brain with D3.
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I'm working the 15th, but I do shift work so I'll have the 16-20 off.
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Generally i work on Mondayevening, Wednesdayevening and Saturdaymorning, asked if i could be free on Tuesday (just in case) and Wednesday. Now i have to work all monday (6-15) and saturdaymorning. With the only college that week on Wednesdaymorning (9-13), i'll have a hard time resisting to not go. At least i have a nice 8 dayish of gaming time, since i don't have college that next monday and tuesday either. Oh it's so good to be a student :D
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My boss is a stockholder in Actiblizzard. When I told him I was taking vacation to play Diablo III he was very supportive. :D
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05/08/2012 12:56 AMPosted by Dusternis
I've never had such a strong mix of admiration, envy, gratitude and searing hatred at one time.

Hehe, <3.
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05/08/2012 12:33 AMPosted by Bashiok
I hope to get back to the office around 2:30 and play my witch doctor (decided on a first class) until I can't go any longer.

Bash, noooo! What happened to your female barbarian SnuSnu??
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I coincidentally took that week off as a paid holiday. Not 3 days after I booked it, the release date was announced :D

That said, I took the week off for other reasons... but I'll definitely be able to spend many hours playing D3.
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Sixen how excited are you now that we are so close to release
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It was already about that time I needed to take a week off to recover from working IT.

Monday the 14th: Get car fixed.
Tuesday morning: Start Diablo 3
Thursday & Friday: Girlfriend taking two days off, going to botanical gardens and maybe an art museum.

Nice and relaxing.
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took a week of. cant wait ^^
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blizzard should push for a worldwide public holiday ,oops i mean all gamers in the world should declare 15th may as a public holiday :P
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No days off for the game, it will always be here. Taking a 10 day vacation in the Caribbean starting on the 25th.
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In the words of Danny Glover, I'm getting to old for this !@#$.

I took the 15th off so I can play, and the 16th off so I can recover, hehe.
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I have to work on Tuesday + Wednesday morning. The rest of the week is legal holidays anyway. (Thanks for the comeback @Jesus)
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Didn't take any time off. Been waiting almost 10 years for this game to come out and I'm in no rush to beat it.

I could very easily take a week off if I wanted to though.
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"hey Cam diablo 3 comes out in only 7 days! im still gettin that day off right? alright sweet thanks bro. get someone to cover your shift and lets go kick some *** in sanctuary"

boss played d2. instant win
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I put in a 16-hr day in addition to my normal workload one day last week for a big launch event at my work.

Because of that, I was able to ask my boss for a comp day.

I told him that, though it may be a supergeek reason, I wanted to take that comp day off on 5/15, since Diablo 3 was coming out. (Believe it or not, he actually said he knew that D3 was coming out on 5/15). So, he said sure.
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Took the day off for my day job. Don't need to give reasons for personal days, it just gets deducted off the bank. I also have two other jobs that are appointment based, and basically said no to all of my clients for any bookings that day. Also said no to the day before after my day job.
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14-18th off
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