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Level 33 End Normal build

26 Worgen Druid
Ok so from what I've been reading, you end at about 30(ish) at the end of normal so I'm hoping its more like 33 for Widow makers for mana regen but again I don't know if that will be enough to sustain him, I'm hoping it is though. Thoughts?

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26 Worgen Druid
ok so for some reason it doesn't want me to quote you so here is my response without your quote ^^; i don't know whats wrong T_T

couldnt figure out how to break up your quote without the thing yelling at me ._.; so here is my input the spaces = refering to the part of your quote

I just don't like Soul Harvest I guess its just a personal thing but -shrug- i get why you take it for the mana stuff so its helpful there. The range is just too small for me personally, and to keep up five stacks to get maximum int boost is just not my play style

Seeing as personally i don't like soul harvest (As stated up there), Also if i took soul harvest i would have to give up Sacrifice, i am going to challenge myself to keep to the original 1, of each type of skill, build. (Hence Zombie Charger figured it would be the best idea, if i could catch a few almost dead in it)

I think i would take Zombie handler over Jungle fortitude personally, because that fourth dog on sacrifice will increase the dps by alot. nice chunk of change on a single target or even small group

I guess thats just my personal input on this, but ill show a link with the changes made to it thank you for your input :)

New Build:
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26 Worgen Druid
From what i understand is that Circle of Life and other passives apply to pets as well, thus, If one of my pets kill something I could possibly get something from Circle of life, to the best of my knowledge.

Still (at least for an hour or two, depending on how long i can make it work) Id like to keep it to one primary, one secondary, one Defensive, one Decay, one Terror and one Voodoo, just to keep a bit of challenge there but if i were to not keep one of every thing i think my build would be something like this


Three abilities with mana regen allow for you to take the three zombie summoned ones and allow you to have an escape and some pretty consistent damage as well. Poison dart gives back 24 mana allowing for a free cost and getting 14 mana back every shot that lands, Widows gives 3 mana for every hit, they must last for a little bit so that should refund and give more then the cost of the spell as well then Spirit walk with the 15% over 2 seconds so 30% mana when i need it ontop of an escape so /shrug my personal oppinion
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Highly recommend Devouring Swarm at this level. It gives back mana if you face 5 or more targets.
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26 Worgen Druid
Ok so it might not follow the same rules as i thought, but its range can be increased by Gold Find items, on top of you have a few more ways to set up circle of life.

For instance i know I'm about to sacrifice to kill a large group of distracted enemies so i walk up behind my dogs and sacrifice, boom, killed 10 things and possibly got 4 dogs from one cast of a skill. I still think that Final Gift is the best low level rune for zombie dogs especially when you plan to explode them anyway for damage you know? so you can Boom, get four more dogs back and get a health globe from one skill, still pretty effective. I guess that's just personally,

On top of i think i would take spiders, first off cus it costs 5 mana, and if each one of your spiders attacks once that's 12 mana right there, assuming they all get more then one attack in over their duration you could get up to with just three attacks from each spider 36 Mana from one skill that cost you 5 mana to cast, but again that's if you get to 33 from normal i guess. Poison dart until you get to 33 would suffice
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