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Let's be honest, Bashiok.

You clearly stated that there wasn't going to be an achievement or feat of strength for beta awhile back.

Being absolutely honest I stated very clearly that achievements and characters from the beta would not carry through to the final game (which is still true). If I had been aware at all that when I said that there was a Feat of Strength being developed for closed beta participants, I would have provided that info as well. I was not, so I didn't. We learned of the Feat of Strength two days ago, and worked to inform all of you because the beta achievement text is a bit unclear as to who should be receiving it.

It's not that it's a FoS, FoS don't really entice me to collect them, personally it's the sigil. I've been playing the diablo games since I was 7 years old, I plan on collecting everything I possibly can for account stuff (sigils, achievements, all the banner stuff) To miss out on part of the collection because I wasn't selected from millions to be in closed beta, even more so when this has never happened for a past beta is slightly frustrating.
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The two aren't the same. Open beta people were part of a massive server test. They didn't login to every D3 beta patch to test for new bugs, regressions, give feedback, for the last 6 months. They played for 2 days.
Me for example, I "beat" the beta EVERY beta build, every char wipe, did it all over again, even though it was boring to redo same limited content over a dozen times. Why? To test the client.

I think a feat of strength is fair to those that put the time in for it.

Thats right, you sit behind your computer screen in that comfy chair with your Feat of Strength and Sigil claiming that its fair only because you had to go trough ALL that horrible TORTURE testing for months on end while open beta was just a couple days and we barely had to provide feedback.

I remind you that 100% of those open beta testers would gladly of taken an invite and test for months if they were allowed to do so.

Your logic is flawed.

Btw, how did you get yours? I am sure YOU were chosen random.. right? RIGHT? No you were not. You got your free. Also, I am sure all 100% of those Beta Invites sat there providing feedback as they tested for months. So I am sure all 100% invited deserved it.


None of it makes sense is all I am saying.

FYI, i was invited to beta by blizzard among a few other tech support regs , because our initiative in solving technical problems and time we put into helping people on tech support forums and our technical knowledge they considered invaluable to the beta. So i'm not sure where you think any "free" invite came from. It was given for time invested in tech support forums helping other posters. Hundreds of hours.

However, i also managed to get a beta key through the give aways, contests, twitter feeds, etc as well (means that were available to you, and everyone else). I used it to get a friend into beta. So this judgement is very much flawed.

As for torture? you played an early product beta before? Played MoP beta lately? How's running around with no mounts, crashing every time you see a turtle that's REQUIRED to progress (or even logging in for that matter, etc, going for you? That's very enjoyable gameplay right?
Beta's are betas, it's not a game demo, it has an actual purpose, and helping serve that purpose deserves some praise. If all you played was open beta weekend, you played a much more functional beta client then some of us did, I assure you. Putting time into this getting a praise is well deserved.

I did my fair of testing, and bug reporting. As a tech support reg in fact, even more so then most. As i also wrote guides, troubleshooting stickies, and worked directly with tech support and devs in getting bugs fixed and providing workarounds or others.

Now were there some that didn't put time into it like some of us did, apsolutely. But can blizz really micro tens of thousands of users to give feats of strength out to the deserving only? Not really. So they just do a broad achievement for everyone in closed beta to come as close a they can.
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Viper just hit the nail on the head. If you put in the time, you should get rewarded. If you just got lucky and were rewarded just for logging in (I'm willing to bet there's people that didn't even know they had beta access and won't even know till they try to log in the day of release and get their no-effort FoS) that's lame.
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Sadly even the crybabies in WoW(not all WoW players) don't cry this much over feats of strength that can no longer be obtained... And THAT should say something...

This is actually an excellent point. As much as people tend to whine and cry there is usually at least a very very very very small reason for them to do so...There is no underlying reason here.

Reason generally tells you to not worry over such small trivial things too.
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I dunno, no amount of shrug worthy blue posts will change the fact that this is a silly idea. a lot of people wanted in on the closed beta, why reward anyone and everyone that got randomly picked? Heck, I played in the close beta on a friends account and the open beta, but I won't get anything.

That on top of the fact that it was made clear acheivements and other such stuff from the beta would not carry over, and for good reason.

Unless everyone had a fair crack at participating, it seems kind of lame to reward those just because they were randomly selected. I mean, what's the point exactly? Especially considering the selection process was completely random and a lot of deserving people that really wanted to participate didn't despite their best efforts?

Seems like you're unnecessarily rubbing it in far more than you needed to.
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05/09/2012 02:25 PMPosted by Thoridin
Sorry should have said VALID

And you are the standard of validity?

You decide what is valid and invalid? Who are you again?

I think I can judge when something is as stupid as this.

05/09/2012 02:26 PMPosted by Soulthrasher
You're completly off of what we are talking about m8

Oh we're not talking about people getting randomly rewarded for something? My example is a greater injustice because the winner actually gets something that matters. Actually let's just say that the winner gets like a heart shaped sticker or something like that.
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Wow, not only did I subscribe, like, and give my information to dozens of different unknown websites, incurring all types of spam into my inbox, and wasting weeks of my time trying to get a beta key without any form of acknowledgement, but you guys have the audacity to rub salt into the wounds by waving this in the face of those who were denied the privilege of the closed beta.

I guess you guys lied when you said that nothing from beta would be carried over, huh? Why not give an achievement to all those who opted in, but didn't receive a beta key? This is a pretty piss poor way of treating your loyal fans/customers.
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This reminds me of childhood when my brother got different stickers than me from a doctor visit. I wanted HIS stickers TOO! It did not matter what I had, nor whether or not he had what I had, only that he had something I did not!

Anything short of getting the same stickers was totally worthy of throwing a tantrum. =)

Again, being first in line is a lot different than being randomly selected. Not sure how you aren't understanding this.

This is true, but EVERYONE had a chance at getting into the Beta, EVERYONE.

How are YOU not understanding THAT?

If you don't see how just randomly emailing out rewards is a lousy way for them to go about this, it's hopeless trying to respond to you.
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05/09/2012 02:27 PMPosted by Mozima
Yes, harass the people who are voicing their opinions. You sure showed them!


05/09/2012 02:29 PMPosted by Undeadreaper
This is a pretty piss poor way of treating your loyal fans/customers.
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Something odd is that if Blizzard had stated at the beginning of the closed beta that if you were selected as a beta tester that you'd also receive a feat of strength and a sigil unique to the beta test, this rain of tears wouldn't be happening.

Then again... maybe it would. This forum is so full of whiney fail =(
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does an arguement by a lucky closed beta tester about the unimportance of this FoS and sigil really count? It's like saying the cake isn't that good but I ate it all anyway.
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So - the game comes out in 5 days i hear - should be fun
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05/09/2012 02:28 PMPosted by Lancer
Viper just hit the nail on the head. If you put in the time, you should get rewarded. If you just got lucky and were rewarded just for logging in (I'm willing to bet there's people that didn't even know they had beta access and won't even know till they try to log in the day of release and get their no-effort FoS) that's lame.

Hey I have an idea! Let's get blizzard to devote man power to something that doesn't matter at all instead of working on things more important like balance or hell even filling up the office coffee pot.
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