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05/09/2012 10:56 AMPosted by twincannon
Were we not there, loyal supporters of the franchise for that one weekend?

Maybe if you were loyal you'd go to Blizzcon and have gotten an invite that way. Your loyalty is suspect.
05/09/2012 11:01 AMPosted by HELLPREACHER
If something so small bothers you, I hope you wont even bother playing.

i wanna just say "This"

but honestly im a HUGE Diablo fan, i lived this for years.. when i got into the beta and called my boss (1 hours before i needed to go to work) he understood and said that its ok if i don't show up.... so.. im crazy aobut it

and still i wouldn't go ape!@#$ like these people do... so.. really.. can't help these people..
You weren't chosen, so you're not a chosen one. Its simple.

^This pretty much sums it up
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Awarding a Feat of Strength for people who participated in the close beta is a nice reward but at the same time it is a kick to the g-nads for all those that tried to get in and never could and played during the open beta weekend.

Its also a point that they aren't doing anything for the people in beta who got the achievement for getting all of the beta achievements completed. Also including the fact that Blizzard previously said they didn't have plans to award participation in the Beta... but they are now.

I played in the open beta and in that one weekend I got all the Achievements just because 1. didn't have anything better to do and 2. It was fun. It seems ridiculousness that blizzard is giving a Feat of Strength to people who got invited, either by rng, by contest, or by friends, but not a feat of strength for maxing out all the achievements in the beta...

.. Yes, "I r butt hurt bro"....
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05/09/2012 10:45 AMPosted by Targath
Well we too should get a title. Everyone not in the Closed beta but was signed up for beta invites as soon as the game was announced should get the FoS

or the "SoL" achievement - the banner symbol could be a broken horseshoe.
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05/09/2012 11:01 AMPosted by HELLPREACHER
If something so small bothers you, I hope you wont even bother playing.

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first wrath and now this, god bless you blizz kids :D
05/09/2012 10:41 AMPosted by Eks
Oh the tears of the "Unchosen" how they nourish me.

Can we be friends?
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Just going to say that I'm one of those completionists.
I hate the fact that I'm literally denied an achievement. No matter what I do.
I'll know that every time I look at the achievement window.

Feats of Strength are not listed - you can't go hunt them down and they won't be in your face taunting you that you can't achieve them.

Feats of Strength aren't achievements in the sense that you get points for them, I think a better description would be a trophy or a badge.

It is the same for when people get a Feat of Strength for buying the CE edition - it is just a trophy to say you bought one. So, what if all the CEs were bought out and I didn't get a chance to buy one (I was on vacation or at work, etc), should I be upset that I didn't get a Feat of Strength... no. I would be upset because I didn't get the CE. :)
I'm curious, are all the people who are complaining going to be doing the same thing when the RNG for drops doesn't work out in their favor?
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Welcome to life and its rules of fairness. Especially over minuscule things.
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Let me rephrase Lylirra, "To all those who weren't in the closed beta, Blizzard hates you."
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I was One of the Chosen.

I would probably feel the same way if I wasn't.
if you got in, you would want it too

you just didn't get in, so you don't get it this time

better luck with the d3 expansion bro
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Who cares?
I won mine by answering a lore question in the Diablo reddit IRC before the other 500+ people there, so I earned this. For the others... grats on being lucky.

It's just weird because the CMs had said multiple times over the past few weeks that they had no intention of doing something like this, and yet... they suddenly are now.
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