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The Vision Quest

I might adjust this build after actually playing the game for a bit, but this is the build that I came up with so that I could use the vision quest passive ability:

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Spirit Walk & Hex have 15 second cool downs and I would get 1 second knocked off for every monster that dies within 8 yards + G.P.R. using Grave Injustice

I could count on 215%/12 yard AoE from Angry Chicken & a +30% refill of maximum mana with Honored Guest being available nearly every time I think to use it.

I could Spirit Walk into a Fetish Ambush for 250% dmg up to 5 monsters and then 20% dmg from each of 5 dagger Fetish for the next 20 seconds.

Pile On does 765% dmg to potentailly more than one monster and has a CD of 25 seconds. The timer will rapidly fall with Grave Injustice.

My main killer, Spirit Barrage + Well Of Souls, will dmg 4 targets at once; 190% to the main target and 30% to 3 additional targets for more way more dmg than Haunt.

My Fetish Army will be available shortly with all the monsters that Diablo 3 is going to throw at us.

Not to mention the +mana regen on items.

Vision Quest is not a must have up 100% of the time skill, I'd just plan my attacks so that It is up when I am nearly out of mana.
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Circle of life is really weak and doesn't justify sacrifice. I'd drop both of those. For a passive I'd probably get tribal rites and then pick up another skill. You could get big bad voodoo because it would benefit a lot from grave justice and tribal rites, but that alone isn't enough reason. I just think you'll find with only circle of life, you'd almost never cast sacrifice. Even soul harvest with only 1 stack would be more helpful than a single exploding dog every ~30 seconds.
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The only reason I added Circle of Life & Sacrifice was for the "For the Master" rune which gives more than 6000 life per dog. If I had 3 dogs up, assuming that they don't die, I could have 18,000+ HP on command which would be sort of monkish ;)

Thanks for your comments, I'll see how I can redo the build to make it batter.
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I agree that I would slot out Circle of Life.
Also with Grave Injustice and Vision Quest you are going to want some sort of high cost / high reward spell. Cloud of Bats or Vampire Bats (which will double as a self-heal) could fulfill this. I also recommend taking a look at Acid Cloud -> Corpse Bomb which could be coupled with Bad Medicine.

This is one of my pet builds:


Acid Cloud -> Main nuke. Poisons.
Toad of Hugeness -> Provides light CC and a cooldown
Hex -> Light CC, healing, and a cd.
Spirit Walk -> Since this build wants to be in melee range offers us an out and some healing. Also a cd.
BBV -> Poison, some mitigation in the form of pet aggro, major CD
Garg -> AoE poison, pet, massive cd.

I like the idea of the Garg in these Vision Quest builds as it allows you to have a free CD without wasting a spell. Toad of hugeness should help in situations where u need to hold on to one of your other CDs.
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The only reason I added Circle of Life & Sacrifice was for the "For the Master" rune which gives more than 6000 life per dog. If I had 3 dogs up, assuming that they don't die, I could have 18,000+ HP on command which would be sort of monkish ;)

Thanks for your comments, I'll see how I can redo the build to make it batter.

I understand the logic, but I think you'll find the rate at which dogs spawn to be incredibly slow and you'll probably never run into the situation where you need a heal and the dogs haven't already died tanking. Circle of life is just one of the worst passives in the entire game, even for a full sacrifice build. It might be usable, but I don't think it compares to other passives.

I don't agree with Bleuchz. I think between hex, pile on, and spirit barrage you have plenty of ways to spend your mana and you probably will still have to monitor its use, but it depends on what you do for your other skill if you replace sacrifice. You might want to change spirit walk to heal you and then get a 2nd skill to complement that; perhaps something that gives mana on hit like haunt. Your call.
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If the purpose of sacrifice was for a free heal, replace it with soul harvest. You will get that free heal and then some added damage and defense, and since this build is petless enemies will be on top of you anyway! Additionally it counts a cooldown ability allowing you to save fetish army for more dire situations.

And yes, definately switch out circle of life for something else. Jungle fortitude maybe?
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First I want to thank you guys again for your suggestions :)

I cut some fat and made this new build with the following ideas in mind:

As per suggestion, I went the Soul Harvest + Siphon rout for up to +10,855 hp every
15 seconds; or less with the Grave Injustice passive.

Blood Ritual cuts my mana cost to 91.8 for Spirit Barrage & 83.3 for Haunt. I am hoping that the +1% hp per second from Blood Ritual, fairly fast hp boosts from Soul Harvest's Siphon, & 1% hp per monster kill from Grave Injustice will offset the life drain.

To save mana I am using the Lingering Spirit with Haunt & it is nice to be able to keep spamming Spirit Barrage instead of stopping to cast additional Haunts which are nice dots but do far less damage per second than continued spammage of Barrage + Well of Souls

Angry Chicken & Fetish Ambush are low cost and fairly fast AoE that, I believe, will work well with Mass Confusion; Confuse then Angry chicken or Ambush, when surrounded, and then Mass Confuse.

Because Spirit Barrage is the only thing really being Spammed, & I am saving 16 mana per shot, I think I am all set in the mana department esp when Vision Quest kicks in.

Grave Injustice (1% HP per monster death) + Siphon + 1% HP/SEC regen (Blood Ritual) makes me confident in the hp department.

So what do you guys think?:

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I really need to actually play the game so that I have a better understanding of each skill...

I have nothing else to do until the 15th so here I am dreaming of character builds ;)
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I think I prefer Unstable Form with Hex as that would give me 3 types of damage: Physical, Arcane, & Poison (Barrage, Haunt, Hex) with the added benefit of turning monsters into chickens.


If Fetish Army doesn't work out well then I'd replace with Gargantuan + Big Stinker.
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You shouldn't have to worry about damage type. There MAY be some monsters with resistances, but hopefully they have little effect, and there's no need to worry about immunities.

You're not alone my friend. I too am curious about how skills will actually fare in practice, but I can't help but obsess until then. I don't really have much else to say about your spec. I doubt vision quest is potent enough to support spam of any skill that is listed as over 100 mana, even with effects like haunt's mana return. This isn't a problem as you can run away in between casts or something, but you may find that having haunt and spirit barrage doesn't benefit you because they are both high mana cost and they're both sortof single target. Corpse spiders and poison dart are incredibly cheap options to consider.

I am starting WD and will probably have vision quest set the majority of the time. If you care to see, this is approx what I'm going to use when it's all unlocked, subject to opinions I form after having a chance to use everything:
Summons are nice for vision quest and don't cost much mana (you generally summon them in between fights when you're full anyway). Soul harvest is cheap, heals if stuff is hitting me melee, and boosts damage considerably, so worth keeping on cooldown/active. Toad of hugeness is just so cool looking and seems powerful. Hopefully it can damage bosses, though I don't expect it to CC them at all. Also works with vision quest, but very short cooldown. Pile on is great damage per mana and perfect for vision quest. Zombie charger as my spam attack. I will be prioritizing toad of hugeness and pile on over this and probably running from stuff constantly in between casts or when out of mana. If I had one more skill option, I'd probably take spirit barrage with one of the effects that summons a spectre to attack for a while.

I don't have any sort of escape, so I'm reliant on pets, healing, and killing fast. Zombie charger is the skill most likely to be replaced depending on what I like, but I'm probably going to use something in that slot for aoe and maybe swap in single target but only for certain bosses. If toad of hugeness doesn't work out well, I'd probably use either corpse spiders or poison dart as a cheap spam/single target spell. I might use spiritual attunement, but for now I think blood ritual is more powerful. The hp regen between fights will be nice, but the mana cost reduction is probably less effective then the boost in mana regen. It all depends on how much max mana we end up with. 15% reduced mana costs vs 4% max mana regen per second. A 30-50 mana per second reduction would be even with about 625-1042 max mana, and I think we'll have much more than that at 60.
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My version of vision quest, 4 high cooldown spells that will almost always be down, with vampire bats as your main source of spammable damage that doubles as a life leech. Soul harvest is their as a way to heal yourself and grab some extra intel for resistances(im not 100 percent sure about this skill maybe another nuke with cc would be better). you use jungle for extra protection on you and your pets. im not sure if i will need the mana from spiritual attunment but the main goal of this build is too have so much mana you can pretty much always spam vampire bats and hopefully leech enough to stay alive with the help from your pets tanking damage and the occasional mass hysteria cc.

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Does vision quest work on Acid Cloud? coz there's no CD on it -.- I have Spirit Walk, Soul Harvest and Gargantuan on CD
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