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Best CC spells?

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It is obviously important to have cc. Other than using your summons as meat shields, what do you think will provide the most effective crowd control?
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mass confusion...
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GotD with the 80% slow rune.
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going for plague of toads, locust swarm and firebomb here with the runes for plague of toads - Addling Toads which mutates them to yellow toads that deal 130% weapon damage as poison and has a 15% chance to confuse affected enemies for 4 seconds, locust swarm - searing locusts which engulfs the target for 468% fire damage for 8 seconds and firebomb - ghost bomb which adds an additional 20% fire damage to the spell plus extends the splash range to 28 yards :)
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84 Tauren Druid
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Grasp of the Dead seems to be the prime general CC. As far as I'm aware, slow affects pretty much everything (bosses most likely included) and with [Unbreakable Grasp] stops things dead in their tracks, or alternatively [Desperate Grasp] which means grasp is pretty much ALWAYS up at 6 second CD.

Horrify with [Face of Death] would also be good, but without that rune, the area is only 12 yards (which is tiny).

Not technically a CC, but Spirit Walk is pretty awesome for an escape also. Invulnerability and untargetable.
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GOTD is awesome and I might use it in almost every build I use.
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I will take GOTD with any solo build I am using. However, if I am in a group, mass confusion all the way. In a group you will have a Barbarian or Monk up front beating on the enemies usually, so a CC won't be as important, and the mass confusion with the 20% damage rune is absolutely incredible.
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