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Favorite Angel out of the 5?

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I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread like this already (as far as I have seen), but which one of the five Angels in the Diablo: Wrath animated movie was your absolute favorite?

Note: I'm going to provide the direct link to the specified angel's wiki, in case you forgot which one is which.

Is it......:

1. Tyrael - The Archangel of Justice ( http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Tyrael )

2. Auriel - The Archangel of Hope ( http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Auriel )

3. Malthael - The Archangel of Wisdom ( http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Malthael )

4. Imperius - The Archangel of Valor ( http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Imperius )

5. Itherael - The Archangel of Fate ( http://diablo.wikia.com/wiki/Itherael )

I'm going to go with the traditional badass, Tyrael , as I'm not a big fan of the "rage-driven" character type of Imperius. My second favorite would probably go to Itherael.
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Itherael is pretty cool. He reminds me a lot of Nozdormu. But I think I'mma have to stick with the old classic of Tyrael, cuz he's got my back. :D
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i kinda like Auriel, she seems kinda freaking cool, using those sashes as attacks.

and Hope, to me at least, is the most important thing to have when battling against evil. that many evils.
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Auriel. :D Awesome female angel with awesome looking powers.
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Was it just me or did Imperius sound like Kratos from god of war? Like exactly.
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Malthael, that thing he did with the axe was too cool for school.
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Tyrael beats the lot of 'em by miles just because he's cool enough to actually help us out a little every once in a while.

Malthael, Itherael, and Auriel are tied for my second choice.

Imperius is at the very, very bottom of my list. He's a !#%#.
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Obviously Itherael.
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Tyrael dudes a hardazz
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Malthael, that thing he did with the axe was too cool for school.
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Auriel cause when theres a chick, thats the one I'm into...
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Mathael, because back in the day, he was known as the Angel of Death (just like how Auriel used to be the Angel of Love and Itherael used to be the Angel of Balance and Imperius the Angel of War.)

I just remember off-handedly reading that one the wikia a few years back until it got changed to their now current and correct roles.

Anyway, Mathael states he did not vote for the destruction of Sanctuary because all will eventually belong to him (seeing how "Wisdom shall be lost" and "Death spreads it's wings over all"). I'm guessing Mathael becomes the Angel of Death.

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Malthael, that thing he did with the axe was too cool for school.

Also this.
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Welp, this thread dropped off the front page fast.

Shameless bump.......
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anyone who doesnt like tyrael the best is a heretic

cmon lets be serious, one of the most epic, cool sounding lines of all video game history

"Stop! The beast contained herein shall not be set free — not even by you."
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