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Skill Synergies and Low Level Builds

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I was just thinking of some good spell synergies to use at low levels. I'm looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with, for any level! Here's what I've got so far...

Set 1:
Summon Zombie Dogs <Rabid Dogs>
Jungle Fortitude
Bad Medicine

Dogs do poison damage, which decreases the damage they take by 20%, while jungle fortitude protects them for another 20%.
Set 2:
Spirit Walk
Any debilitating spell (horrify, mass confusion, hex)

Enter spirit walk, and end with a spell to disable your enemy.
Set 3:
Summon Zombie Dogs <Final Gift>
Gruesome Feast

Zombie dogs have a 15% chance to leave behind health orbs when they die or are sacrificed, which now benefits your mana and intelligence thanks to Gruesome Feast.
Set 4:
Locust Swarm
Bad Medicine

The effect of bad medicine only lasts 3 seconds; however, the damage done by the locust swarm is done over 8 seconds, and it deals poison damage. In the end, you effectively extend the effect of bad medicine to 11 seconds (8 for locus damage + 3 for bad medicine's duration).

Here are a few of my builds. They're all level 20, except for the one with locust swarm, which is level 23...

Rabid Dogs/Bad Medicine

Spirit Walk/Horrify

Locust Swarm/Bad Medicine, Spirit Walk/Horrify

Summon Zombie Dogs <Final Gift>/Sacrifice/Gruesome Feast
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Nice work, but still, high-lvl synergies are so vague to me. Can see only few of them:
1. Gruesome feast synergy with mass-dogs & grasp of dead
2. Mass dogs + all summon passives
3. Rush of essence + mass spirit active skills
4. Actives with long cooldowns + Vision Quest & gold pickup radius.
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I don't think there is really any point in worrying or screwing with builds to much at that low a level. Any build will be viable at 20.
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It depends how they programmed. If it's simply "confused" the game won't recognize a difference between Mass Confusion and Addling Toads. If they programmed as "mass confused" and "addling confused," then no, they wouldn't spawn. It comes down to how complex they made the game coding.
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