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So I was thinking about how difficult it will be to farm good items in nightmare/hell/inferno for the first weeks of gameplay.

Because of this, I think the WD will outperform the other classes in that timeframe. My point is that the WD's performance is less affected from equipment than others.

Your thoughts?
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And what if I have 4 primary/secondary skills, as long as they can kill, keep me alive and be fun at the same time I don't see a problem.

Are you saying that the WD is as gear dependent as the barb or the monk?
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I'm proud of you all, great job everybody
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I'll stop being retarded, just for you.

It's funny some of you can take game theories a personal thing and even motivate you to call people names. The game isn't out yet, feel free to criticize my build in moderation.

Back to the discussion, I can see the WD with a high speed/dmg/mana regen weapon and soso gear make it in inferno while I cannot see the same for a barb. Give him a mighty weapon with whatever on it, but without items that give him defense and whatever else he can't make it. As a ranged char you do not need to invest so much in defense and the rest. Yet you need to be able to run away from danger and survive a few hits but hopefully with his set of skills he can avoid getting hit. Monks do have dodge %, but I wouldn't count too much on it in higher difficulties. He still needs to balance defense, damage reduction life leech and damage.
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Yes, your reasons are terrible. Witch doctors are just as gear reliant as the other classes, but they'll still be strong at farming while undergeared.

Monks will be strong undergeared because of self heals making up for slow killing.
Demon hunters will be strong undergeared because they are mobile and can kite easily with snare/stun combo.
Witch doctors will be strong undergeared because they can kill very long range (corpse spiders with leap at full screen or over walls) with great snares and CC. They can kill slow and safe. Probably the safest hardcore character too.

Now wizards might be okay with damage shield and some nice crowd control and wonky stuff.
Barbarians though, poor guys. They will have a hard time when undergeared as they strongly rely on lifesteal or similar effects.
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Witch Doctor does seem to be the least gear dependent.

They have a ton of CC and DoT abilities. They also have a ton of pets for distraction, both long term (Doggies/Gargantuan) and short (Spiders, Frogs.) Combined with more than a couple skills that heal or leech life.

Sure, they'll kill faster with better equipment. However, they can probably take harder things with snares/CC and DoTs that heal.
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Vile and Xelqypla seem to get the idea too.

Hadad I understand they will be closing the gap, this is not the point.

The point is not if WD are NOT gear dependant. The point is that they are much less than others, and this can be an advantage for the first few weeks of gameplay since people will still be trying to discover the game and items haven't dropped in mass yet. You cannot count on picking up good gear from the beginning unless you plan to dish out some cash, which is something I am not planning to do.

Also, you called me "retard" and "stupid" because you have a different view of things about a game. Enough said.
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dont think the short term summons can tank anything..

summons probably get stronger based on some primary stat.. and if you're specializing in cc and survivability.. its possible that your damage just might not cut it and you'll lose your summons before you can clear the packs..

i think the main thing to keep in mind is that while players can keep away from monster's specialized attacks.. the summons dont.. the skeleton king fight is a great example of this.. which is where all the complaining about zombie dogs originated from
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05/09/2012 01:54 PMPosted by Hadad
Hey 'stupid retard' let me spell it out for you. Monks and Barbarians have abilities to survive in melee range. Witch doctors, Wizards and Demon hunters have abilities to keep enemies from getting at close range. Witch Doctors being the worst of the three at this. If monsters have abilities to close the gap instantly (which is the f'n point stupid retard) who will survive longer with no gear at all? People who have abilities to make them immune to damage/increase dodge/heal or people who only melee defense is slowing and fearing (which lasts 3 seconds and then they close the gap again). Is this clicking at all or are you failing to realize all your defensive abilities will not be as effective as others defensive abilities which is the biggest point when determining the effectiveness of gear.

Witch Doctors can get around 43% DR, Naked. More than a few of their skills either have life leech or heal. Their spammable short term summons come out 4 at a time and enemies cannot simply walk through them.

If you are going to be on the Witch Doctor forum, at least be somewhat familiar with their skills.
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and monk can reduce the enemies damage by 45% and make them attack 30% slower from 1 passive and 1 skill. Not to mention they can also increase their dodge by 40% by 1 more passive and 1 mantra. Not to mention they can also heal an insane amount of health just by spending their resource. Not to mention they have abilities that will heal them just for attack. Not to mention they have 3 abilities that will make them immune to damage for a short time. Not to mention they can have a aura that heals them constantly if dodging is out of the question. Not to mention they can increase 1 resistance to increase all resistances. Not to mention can multiply their current armor.

Before you compare witch doctor to every other class learn about all the other classes.

Hey, I got an idea: why don't you just change the goal posts?

You implied the Witch Doctors only defense against melee is slowing and fearing. That simply isn't true.

Now you are trying to compare static % defense against melee, completely ignoring the fact that Monks kinda need to be in melee range to kill while the Witch Doctors don't. Hell, the Witch Doctors don't even need to stay on the same screen as the enemy to kill it, due to the sheer number of DoTs and pets.

Where are you going to move the goal posts this time?
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