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Will Win7 users need SP1?

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This is based off a previous thread which was un-answered, and also deleted for some reason.

(URL: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4489049376#7)

The system requirements clearly state Win XP/VISTA/7 with latest service packs.

Obviously XP and VISTA would need the latest Service Packs but come on surely no game to date requires Windows 7 SP1 does it?

I'm basing this off the fact that the beta worked fine without the SP1, on my Win7 machine, I currently have SP1 installed as a precaution.

However it was literally a nightmare to install, after two failed attempts and all of MS troubleshooting, I ended up having to reformat & re-install windows.

its not always so easy as people make out to upgrade to a Service Pack, and I can just see the dissapointment on peoples faces when they find out they cannot play.

We need an answer, does Win7 need to have SP1 to be able to install!? simple yes or no
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I played the beta without it, so i dont think so.
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Shouldnt matter. SP1 mainly has security updates and I would recommend it.
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I don't think they require people to have updated SP's for compatibility reasons. Chances are it's just to ensure people have the majority of security fixes for their Operating System. Since the game has real money involved it's a pretty reasonable way to cut down on the "I was hacked" stuff.
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Hm.. I guess I didn't have SP1 installed either. Better do it now while this computers fresh in case I need formatting. Thanks for the reminder.
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We will work on the assumption from here on that all users are using Genuine Windows, those that aren't would have to figure it out on their own I guess.
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My friends and I had no issues with windows 7 (some with SP1, some without).

We did have issues with Vista though. It wouldn't run on Sp1, (probably Sp2 required).
Just something to think about.
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Don't worry, you won't :)
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You might be able to get it to work, but Blizzard will not be able to offer you any technical support until you do install SP1.
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I see that the latest ATI Driver updates require SP1 for Win7, potentially thats why? more or less to support future Video Card Drivers?
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The game will check when you install it or run it to see if the OS is up to date. If it isn't, you get a warning message telling you the OS needs to be updated. You should be able to hit the escape key at that point and bypass the warning but it would be at your own risk. The game when run though will check the OS and if it's not up to date, it won't run. You'll get the warning again. Hitting escape will not be an option at that point.

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Thanks so much for letting us know.

Can we please sticky the post if possible? I can tell from personal experience that people dont read the O/S requirements, only Hardware lol.
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Go to the folder where you download the exe.
Click on properties, compatibility tab.
Click change setting for all users.
Check Run this program in compatibility mode for:
Select vista sp2.

Worked for me. Hope this helps.
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The downloader I got was automatically set to Windows Vista for compatibility mode. I disabled it, and it worked fine.
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