Diablo® III

"One of the Chosen" Feat of Strength

I really dont see what the big deal is...
I'm the chosen one.
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Are you bloody serious right now? Like REALLY?, You're practicly spitting in the face of every other person that didnt a closed beta key, and you basicly say !@#$ YOU to your whole player base outside of the US.

? :( No I'm not.

We invited people from all over the world.

hes right you know! im from sweden! and i have had 7 beta keys! :O i gave to my best friends and my girlfriend!

this is not an US only thing

just entered every contest i found, and in a 1 week i had 7 keys <.<
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Wouldnt it be funny if certain people in this thread got a unique FoS?

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I would laugh pretty hard.
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This is entirely different. There is nothing but luck here. I don't see the point in rewarding something based entirely on luck

Hey... I got into the Closed Beta because of a media pass not luck :(

Meanie :(
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I think there should definitely be a One of the Chosen-only forums.
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they are once in a life time achievements that eventually can no longer be obtained.

By being lucky enough to get a beta... while everyone else gets the middle finger and thanks for nothing from blizz.. I as well as others were very much into the original diablo, diablo 2, and the soon to come diablo 3. This group of games right here is what i grew up playing, the fact that my friends and others who never heard of diablo until the comercials came out that got the beta invite and I didn't did not sit well with me.. the fact that they are getting as you stated a ONCE IN A LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT for something they didnt really even beta test much than 2 days then got bored... slap in the face to the comunity. The people who got beta are not giving a crap, they are happy as can be, why wouldn't they be? sure they will defend you blizz cuz you just tickled there fancy. But the rest of us especially the ones who are hard core into the diablo genre that got ignored are a little disgusted.

I can tell you, personally, that I tested the Diablo 3 beta for way more than 2 days. If I could I would have tested more than I did.

People who are pissed about the fact that they didn't get a Beta invite should remember that people who aren't related to Blizzard are chosen randomly. They aren't neccessarily saying "Screw you! You aren't good enough to test our game!!" It's just that you weren't chosen this time around. My advice would be to continue opting in for future betas because who knows, you may get an invite.

As for me, this year was a first. I have been opting in for betas ever since World of Warcraft came out and this was the first time that I got an invite.

I think this pretty much sums up how all of the Diablo III Beta testers are feeling...

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def shouldnt be up to luck....its not a feat....
05/09/2012 09:48 AMPosted by Bashiok
I feel like this Youtube video is relevant to all of the people in this thread, that are literally reduced to tears over[url="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbxaJqfAI6g"] this[/url]


Not because it fits this situation. HOW DARE YOU! But that a cappella track is awesome.

Glad you liked it! That video was spammed so much during the launch of Star Wars the Old Republic.
Cool, It's always nice to have a little something to show you were part of a beta test, i was lucky enough to get into the Warhammer online closed beta months before the release and we had the title "The World Shaper" it was always good to see others with it and was quite rare, atleast in europe.
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Thanks Blizzard for adding this Feat of Strength! Though many of us don't feel a need to get anything, it is nice to have some form of recognition! I will use this sigil with pride!!!
The QQ in this thread makes me smile, but nothing makes me smile more than knowing I will rep these feats on two accounts that I never even downloaded the Beta client on and it will ruin some nerds day. This is magical.
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Thanks Blizzard. =D

I was hoping those who earned the 'overachiever' would get something extra but this works. ^_^
Great, thanks Blizzard!
wow thats not cool...
05/09/2012 09:40 AMPosted by Santíeclaws
The fact that people who were lucky enough to get into the Beta actively tested the game for Blizzard is well worth rewarding them for their efforts.

You mean, the people who were too lazy to install the client get a FoS, while open beta testers get nothing? I'm pretty sure that me bashing the login button for 4 hours straight gave them more usefull data.
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