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hell yeah just got robbed by blizzard for $65.00!!!!! Thanks blizzard......waited 11 f@ckn years for this!???
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hey, wondering if diablo will sun smooth on low setting on my mac. im not very tech savvy.
mac os x version 10.6.8
2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Dou
2 GB memory 1067 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card.

so i ended up buying the game, just installed it and got to lvl 8. so far no bugs. turned all settings on low, messed around with the resolution a little bit. it was slow and choppy for about the first 5 minutes but after that it ran beautifully. little slow downs here and there, but nothing detrimental. im not even on a macbook pro, just a white plastic macbook thats 2 years old. still no problems
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My girlfriend is having the same issues described above on the 9400m on her Mac Book. When the servers first came online we played together with virtually no lag. Now the game is so choppy she is delayed by over a second. I'd say its something to do on Blizzard's end. Ultimate solution: Ordered a brand new Mac Book Pro today... This better work!

Oh and this question is for Blizzard - if we provide receipt does she get comped $3k on her WoW subscription?

Good luck to all the 9400m owners!
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9400m, late 2009 macbook. I too can run SC2, WoW, and other more intense games fine but am having all kinds of chop with Diablo 3. I've been forcing myself to grind through it, but extremely disappointed.
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9400m needs to be added to the unsupported list or fixed. I really wish they would tell us what they plan to do
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So like a lot of people I have the GMA X3100 video card on my 2008 macbook. I don't understand why blizzard did not allow this video card to not be used or hardly any intel video cards for that matter...especially for a video card that works for every other game sold by them. My real question is will there ever be a patch to allow these specific nonsupported video cards to work or should I give up hope now and just try to get me money back?
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I hate that blizzard is requireing people to buy new programs to play a game they've already payed for, BS in my opinion
Just thought I'd add my voice herein saying that you CANT play with a 9400m card.

Blizzard need to give us a reply about whether they are resolving this issue or giving us refunds. NOT ACCEPTABLE.
I have the same issues (10-20fps) with the 8600 gt. Luckily i only have a guest pass. If nothing is done about the playbility on mac they will not get my money.
Unsure if anyone has mentioned this but i am playing on the 2011 Macbook Air i5 4GB Ram SSD Intel 3000 HD without any issues, smooth as hell on lowest settings but if its highest gets a little choppy at times, can handle 1-2 players in a party on lowest settings without any issues so far fingers crossed... up to Act III and loving it!
Same problem here as everyone else with the 9400M

The card is NOT supported, even though it is listed as supported and system requirements are somewhat above minimum. On minimum settings fps drops to an unplayable rate.

If you have the Nvidea 9400m do NOT buy the game, it simply does not work. If you did already buy the game, you got scammed like the whole lot of us.

Blue post is in order ...

EDIT: Blue posts in other threads state they are aware of the many '9400m' complaints and are reviewing the problem, be patient.
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My mac meets the system requirements and i get about 4-5 fps when fighting in act 3. I also have the Nvidea 9400m. Pissed off how iv been counting down the days for this game for it not to work even though i meet the requirements. Wasted my money D=
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My game has started to run a lot nicer now. in big fights its still laggy. going to see if bootcamp will help
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This reviewing process is getting to be kind of lengthy dont you think? Is there hope for the users with the nvidia 9400 or not? Any information would be much appreciated... aside from "looking into it".
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+1 for problems with 9400m. Runs SCII all day long, at full screen res. Any fix in the works Blizz?
I'm just chiming in to say that i have a late 2009 model macbook with the 9400m, I am also looking for an update. Is it fixable or no?
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Give us concrete answers. I've been purchasing and playing blizz games since Warcraft Orcs and Humans and this is shaking my faith in the company and making me question whether I will ever buy again.
Yes is a great game but unfortunately ...it doesnt support 9400m graphic Card. and makes me cant play the game smoothe..and suddenly get nuke by mobs and have no idea where they came out, cant finish one Act in 3 days.. damn. i have make all the setting in Low or 800x600. is still cant fix the problem..blizzard said it will support, and it doesn't!!! that is very disappointing. or blizzard want me to buy a Window 7 with boot camp on MAc and run well using 800x600??? thats is what most of my frds do. but they feel very disappointed and cant enjoy the game. hope blizzard could solve this problem. and stop saying is support 9400M
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