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Pointless Seismic Slam Rune ?

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So Base damage of Seismic slam is 155% weapon damage for 30 fury.

Cracking Rift boosts that to 255% weapon damage for 30 fury.

But Strength from the Earth reduces the fury cost to 15. So you could do 2 attacks for a total of 310% weapon damage for 30 fury.

Am i understanding this correctly? Wouldnt that make Cracking rift pointless?
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Strength from the earth is more fury efficient but it also takes twice as long which makes it in the short term less dps than cracking rift and, depending on your fury generation, may be less dps in the long run as well.

I'm not saying either one is better than the other, just pointing out that that is the trade off between them.
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Lets say you have an attack that does 120% weapon damage as a generator. Now look at 2 seismic slams vs seismic and generator with the 2 different runes.

You could have 2x 155 = 310%
Or say 255 + 120 = 375%

255% is also more burst damage to drop things fast (if you have a lot of rage), or with a heavy rage gen build, you might be able to fund it more.

It really comes down to playstyle. Cheap seismic can be used for a ranged attacks or kiting with knockbacks. It has more utility. The more powerful version is better for just flat out damage.
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Cracking Rift also has a 42 yard range
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05/09/2012 11:21 PMPosted by Pavis
Wouldnt that make Cracking rift pointless?

neither are pointless. it just cones down to play style customization. maybe your build has a massive influx of fury generation so the cost is inconsequential so you go for more damage or maybe you only have 1 fury generator so you might want to use a rune that makes it cheaper.
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In a number if builds that I have been playing with I find myself with Seismic Slam being my ONLY fury spender. At the same time I often find myself with A LOT of fury generators.

Here's a quick example: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#beXYkR!Yed!YccbYb

So in this example Cleave would be the main source of AOE damage - this is obviously not a lot of AOE so it is paired with plenty of mobility ( Leap ), CC ( Ground Stomp ), and defense ( War Cry and Ignore Pain ). If you wanted to burn large packs of mobs down faster you could easily sub out one of those abilities for Revenge or Overpower or WW or something...

Anywho - the point here is that in this build Seismic Slam is the main source of single target dps. Fury shouldn't be an issue with so many generators, so maximizing the damage of each Seismic Slam is what counts.

On the other end of things we can imagine plenty of builds ( I wont bother to make one again.. ) in which Seismic Slam plays the role of CC - or CC with a bit of AOE dps. For CC you would likely want each Siesmic Slam to cost less fury thus freeing up resources for other DPS abilities. For a mix of CC and AOE you might want something like the Shattered Ground rune to get some extra dps and knock back at the same time.

It all depends on what type of play style you have and which abilities you plan on pairing together - Seismic Slam, like lots of abilities in D3, can fill many roles depending on how you want to use it. This, thankfully, allows players the flexibility to create builds centered around the abilities they enjoy using.

So excited for Tuesday...
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For 2handers and also given the fact that you gain fury from damage taken I can see it being really useful. There is a reason why you get it so late, it probably pays off a lot more in hell and inferno where it makes sense to take it. Because we have not played inferno difficulty yet, we have no idea what the fury generation is going to look like. 12 hours into release I bet we all change our opinions on at least one or two skills.
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isnt there a cooldown on that skill? so you couldnt do 2 attacks back to back
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05/11/2012 02:44 PMPosted by Sit
isnt there a cooldown on that skill? so you couldnt do 2 attacks back to back

No cooldown on Seismic Slam

most fury spenders don't have cooldowns - instead you are limited by your resources ( i.e. fury)
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