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So i guess as the first post on this particular forum (Technology and Science) ill ask:

Did you buy or upgrade your computer significantly JUST for this game?

How much did it cost?

Did you build it yourself or with friends help did you get a company to do it?

For me personally, I bought a new computer just for this (and future) games. The last computer I had was a piece of junk by today's standards. It could barley run starcraft 2, but WOW ran decently, and diablo 3 was terrible and it.

But this new computer cost me around 1080$ at cyberpowerpc, and it runs diablo 3, SC 2 and WoW just beautifully.

Just curious to see what other people plannning to play this game have done.
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i7-920(ATI4850/640GB-WD/4GB), 4.5 years old, was $800 when I purchased it at BestBuy.

I have since upgraded the case to an Antec 900, PSU to an Antec-750 TP(New..It's what they call it), 6GB tripple channel kit, and an ATI6950(modded to 6970), which I also under-voltaged to 1.09v and OC'd to 890/1350. Samsung 830 256GB this year.

My wife got the same computer, except she had her GPU/PSU/Case upgraded a year after me. So she got the next revision of my case, but also got a SeaSonic X Series X650 Gold and ATI6770. Since I got a 6GB kit, I had spare memory to give to my wife, so she also has 6GB. Samsung 830 128GB this year.

We both signed up for the year of WoW, so we got the D3 digital. I'll have to take a break from Eve Online and clear D3.

My next "upgrade" will probably be an Intel Haswell chip with an Intel Gig Server NIC to install PFSense on for a high performance firewall. I got 200Mb symmetrical uncapped fiber coming next year. I do have a Netgear 3700, which is suppose to be good up to around 400Mb/sec, so I may hold off until the 14nm chips for a firewall and upgrade my computer a bit as the motherboard is still the original crappy Dell one.

I really want an on-the-side server to host up CS/TF2/Minecraft/etc. All speed connections from the ISP are symmetrical and come with a /29 static block. Not to mention I have MSDN, so I would like to setup a HyperV3.0 box with Win8 server and CentOS.

Since the ISP uses Level3 for their backbone, they get a 10ms ping to Chicago. I figure with the standard 2ms cycle times with gpon, I should be getting 12ms-15ms pings to Chicago myself.

I can finally do what I've always wanted to do since I was a child.

My long term goal is a two computer HyperV cluster to host and mirror a 16TB+ storage pool and have an iSCSI FreeBSD box with ZFS to back-up my clusters to. I would use some nice Infiniband to connect these computers, as it's cheaper+faster than Ethernet.

But that's a bit more in the future. What use is a fast car or a boat anyway?
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I'm currently building a new PC, and have built all of mine for about 10 years now. I'm more interested in my PC's being quiet rather than ungodly powerful, so my selections favor low power and silence.

Currently I have an older ASUS DDR2 board, AMD AM3+ PhenomII X4 955 CPU, 4GB of RAM, Seasonic 750W PS, 4 Seagate 320GB HD's, Radeon 5750. I've replaced various parts over about 4 years. It's all in a LianLi PC-S80B, custom water cooling using an Eheim pump, Fesser 120mm radiator, Innovatek CPU waterblock, XS 5.25 bay reservoir, Scythe fans, other misc stuff. Had to make a few case mods to get some things to fit inside the case, and it's pretty cramped but very quiet. I played this setup all through the beta and had no trouble at all.

For the new PC, I'm keeping the processor, PS, waterblock, fans, but everything else will be new. ASUS M5A99X MB, 16GB of GSkill RAM, 240GB Intel 520 SSD, waiting on the HD's to come down in price a little then I will get a 2GB or 3GB for storage and 1GB for backup. Thinking a Radeon 7750 for the low power reqs, maybe a 7770. New case is a LianLi PC60, got an EK 120mm rad, Swiftech MCP35X pump and a little 80mm Bitspower res. Doing some case mods to mount the rad and res outside the case this time. Lots of cable sleeving so I can do that this time too, and just take my time to make it super tight and clean.

With the current PC, the only thing I can hear is the graphics fan, but no one makes water blocks for low/mid range GPUs, so I might try to make a custom one.

I’ve received the case and everything but the water cooling parts already. Those should arrive tomorrow or early next week. I'll be taking my time with the case mods on this one though so I don't expect to have it ready to run for a few weeks, but I couldn't resist trying the SSD, MB and RAM so those are sitting in my old case right now and it's very nice! Went from a 5.2 to 7.2 Windows experience rating.

Also upgraded my old Dell 20” LCD to a Dell U2412M IPS, which is beautiful.

In total I’m up to about $1500 right now, and will probably drop another $400 for the video card, HDs and misc parts. I spent about the same amount on the previous PC over time, and for what I can still use and what has lasted for 4 years, I’m comfortable with the cost. I’m expecting this one to last at least just as long.

I don’t play a lot of games, I love Diablo and have been playing since D1. I’m also a developer, and use this PC mostly for contract work which is why I really want it to be quiet, stable and last for a long time.
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I don't know what the OP was :S
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It's always good to have a new Computer, even if we do not need a new one! The girls buy shoes... we buy tv (too big), I-(whatever) and powerfull pc because we love stats and specs :)
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