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Cancelling GameStop pre-order...

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A little winded...

GS: "Hey, welcome to GameStop!"
Me: "I'd like to cancel a pre-order."
GS: "I'm sorry to hear that, any reason?"
Me: "I found it cheaper online."
GS: *laughs* "Okay, where?"
Me: "From the game's website. There's no collection tax charge for digital purchases in this state."
GS: "So you're saving like a total of like $5 at most?"
Me: "I could save a dollar and that would be a saving."
GS: "They don't offer the game protection that we have. If you lose your CDs we will replace them if you sign up for our plan."
Me: "You can download the game from their site if you lose them too for free."
GS: "If this is about the midnight release, just know that you'll be able to play once the game goes live if that's one of your concerns."
Me: "That's another part of it. I just rather not stand in line and then drive home if I don't have to."
GS: *slight chuckle* "Any other pre-orders I can help you out with? Mists of Panderia?"
Me: "No, don't play it.
GS: "COD Black Ops 2?"
Me: "No."
GS: "Prototype 2?"
Me: "Man, I just want my receipt."
GS: *frustrated look* "Yeah, sure." *hands receipt* "Bye..."

What happened to just letting me cancel an order, no questions asked? This is part of the many reasons why I hate using GameStop. I use to like doing online pre-orders, but one time a game didn't ship till after launch day and I was upset. Plus, GameStop NEVER has deals for PC gamers like they do for console gamers. We already pay full price for !@#$, never offer discounts, etc. If the game I want that's coming out isn't on Steam, I will pre-order it from somewhere now other than GameStop.
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It's not just GameStop. Many of those smaller electronics stores love to shove a sales person in your face to try and add whatever they can to whatever you buy. They make the most profit off of those $40+ HDMI Cables and Service Plans that they try to add to your purchase.

You can't take it all out on the cashier/sales rep though. There's all kinds of regulations for employees sales. If you don't perform you get fired. Admittedly, there might be a bit of a commission involved but many are simply trying to keep their job, and maybe make an extra buck or two.

It used to bother me quite a bit to have a rep in my face as soon as I walked in the door, or the cashier trying to add on this and that. But .... then I started working for Radio Shack ...... Annnnd ... it doesn't bother me so much anymore. I kinda know where they're coming from.
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Gamestop sucks. News at 11.
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i havent been to a game store since what... 1998? I do everything online man... everything.... the only thing i go to an actual STORE for now is groceries and clothes. and even then normally only pants...
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I think a friend of mine who used to work at gamestop said that they need to sell a certain amount of preorders / premium poweruprewards memberships to stay employed, so that's kind of why they push those things on you so much.

Edit: ebgames rather, but I think they're the same company.
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At least they let you return the game with some tussle. My retailer won't even refund me. The distributor set up a no-refunds policy (which is, by the way, against Diablo 3's own EULA) and has ignored all efforts to contact them.
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I only go to Gamestop to buy console games.
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05/10/2012 01:43 AMPosted by Togrias
At least they let you return the game with some tussle. My retailer won't even refund me. The distributor set up a no-refunds policy (which is, by the way, against Diablo 3's own EULA) and has ignored all efforts to contact them.

Thank you for continuing to QQ in every available thread, not only the two you started.
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Did you ever think that maybe the guy was trying to be nice? It takes them two seconds to change a pre-order to something else on their computers, it sounds to me that he was just asking if you wanted to do that and you got mad because you have the patience of a five-year-old. Maybe if instead of "No I don't play that" (which is just asking for another recommendation) you could have said "No thanks, I am not interested in any other games."

But thanks for QQ in the us.battle.net/d3/en/forum about something horribly irrelevant to the game.
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I managed a Gamestop for 2 years and lemme tell you all you ever hear from your district manager is about how you need to get more GameInformer Subs and more Reserves. That company is the absolute worst company to work for and the worst place to buy your games. If you give even a tiny bit of a crap about the gaming industry dont buy from Gamestop they are nothing more than a glorified pawnshop.
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Its part of their job. Its the same for any electrical or games retailer. The profit margin on new products is generally very very low (hence why game stores just LOVE used games) so to boost how much profit they make per sale they have to push stuff like game protection etc which is, from my experience, the most profitable lines.

I used to work for an electronics chain in Australia and their highest gross profit item was Extended Warrenties. Gross profit on them was something like 60%.
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I dont like using gamestop that much either. The OP hit it spot on! everything you do with gamestop they end up trying to tack on some kind of sale or promotion. I understand that they are just doing their job and everything, but when you just want a quick and easy transaction done, it kind of can get under your skin.

I NEVER pre order games. I live in a relatively small town and there are not that many hardcore gamers so my chances of getting the game day one or at a midnight release are really high and I have never gone home empty handed. Whenever I go into buy my game I have noticed a trend that both the EB games and Gamestop both do. They always lie to me when i'm buying my PC game and tell me "oh man you got Sooooo lucky man we have only ONE left, you better pre order next time" they have dropped that same "lucky you got the last one" line like 5 or 6 times now. Every time I ask for a game they act very dramatic and act like im SOL as they reluctantly check in the back and then they just happen to find ONE copy left. Its kind of annoying and a little bit of a underhanded ploy to try and "scare" me into unnecessarily pre-ordering a game for an extra 5 bucks out of my pockets
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I hope that they bring back "immune" monsters I.E. immune to a specific element or physical. That's where mercs shined in Diablo 2 late game. Got a MF firesorc? Who says you can't do countess without infinity lol. Just kill her buddies and let the merc handle her.

Although in D2 every class has more than one element, but it would still limit what you can attack with, and that's assuming you didn't go all out on one type of attack lol I.E. wiz has arcane, fire, ice, lightning, all other classes have phys, poison, etc.

I don't see how a immunity will hurt gameplay as the only thing that will be a pain is the player readjusting to using different skills to overcome the immunity if they used only a specfic element for attacks. You don't waste skill points and "ruin" your character this time and you can change your skills on a fly....they also come automatically. I don't see a big issue with immunities.
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I work at fast-food and the drive-thru person is supposed to ask and say a whole list of things. Sometimes higher management comes through and checks to see if we say everything. You can get fired on the spot if you don't say it right.

really !@#$ing stupid, I take my chances and don't say any of it ;)

but if this ever happens to you and you don't have the time,

just say "no more questions please"
We're required to stop asking and go on with it.
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05/10/2012 01:53 AMPosted by Chiinigg
I only go to Gamestop to buy console games.

people buy console games?
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This is one of the prime reasons why companies like Gamestop and Best Buy are going the way of Comp USA. Not only do they use an outdated delivery model but their prices are high and their customer service is terrible.

The clerk is probably unaware or ignorant of his job is becoming irrelevant.
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05/14/2012 02:26 PMPosted by Highmoon
people buy console games?

Yeah, we get it. You only play PC games. Grats.
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The clerk was trying to keep his job, cancellation of pre-orders can lead to eventually being laid-off. Hell, from the dialog you posted the clerk was ultra-professional and polite, just a bit pushy. I hate GameStop, AND I used to work there, so I can see where both of you are coming from.

It would be like going to a car dealership and expecting the best price without haggling.
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Gamestop and EB Games are soon to be a dying breed if you ask me.

I'd rather deal with someone who knows almost nothing about gaming and just knows retail instead of dealing with someone in retail who "thinks" they know gaming.

Gamestop + EB = Full Retard
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