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Hi Everyone.

Super excited for D3 and extremely bored at the moment so I want to share with you what I did to prepare my rig before launch. (For windows 7)

Add others if you know any :D

1. System Sweep
A computer at full capacity will slow down system performance due to all the clutter on the HD. So as the title suggest's take a sweep of your system and uninstall/delete unnecessary files. If your not sure, leave it alone

2. System Settings
You can sacrifice Windows appearance for Performance.
Start>Control Panel>System and Security>advanced settings>Performance Settings.
Choose "Adjust for best performance" or you can play around with the custom settings.

3. Clear temporary/unwanted files
Erase all unwanted files. I would recommend CCleaner - This will erase all unwanted/temporary/hidden files/cookies. It will also take out the trash for you!!! (empty recycle bin)

4. System Defrag
Fragmented files can slow up you're HD. There is a simple, easy way to make sure your HD is nice and tidy with a system defrag. Make sure to do this last.
Search "Disk Defragmenter" in windows start bar.

Soo yeah...A quick system overhaul. she'll be running like a peach mate.
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5. Check game requirements
Make sure you meet at least the minimum requirements

6. Make sure video card drivers and directx 9 are up to date
Many don't know this but Vista and windows 7 despite having directx 10 and 11 still need directx 9 installed and up to date.

7. Scan for viruses and spyware/adware

8. Make sure windows is up to date with latest service pack

9. Stock up on food and drinks in bar fridge
You know if you don't you will not get up to eat and will starve to death
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You see this is why I am playing on my Macbook Pro and iMac even tho I have a PC that can play the game. I don't have to do any of these things other than;

05/10/2012 06:21 AMPosted by Heket
Stock up on food and drinks in bar fridge

It is great to see Blizzard supporting Mac. Will be the best game on the system! Of Course I could always use Bootcamp and have to do all of these. The Beta ran fine on OSX tho.

And I really don't have to do a system defrag given I am running Diablo 3 on a SSD drive. : )
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I use Norton 360 - it does all of the above automatically.

05/10/2012 06:21 AMPosted by Heket
8. Make sure windows is up to date with latest service pack

Not just service packs, updates in general.
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You guys must have some bad PC's if your that concerned.

During beta i was i listening to music, had firefox + chrome open (several tabs in each), word documents, a couple of pdfs,anti virus doing a quick sweep and Utorrent chuggin away.

Had zero issues, no FPS drops at all, and im using a $1200 budget gaming system built about 12 - 18 months ago.

You should try and update hardware, rather than concerning yourself with software.
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I'm using a 2011 i7 iMac but still I'll switch to win7 to play Diablo 3. At native resolution, AA had to be turned off while i was playing beta in OS X. I work under OS X but got to say for gaming Windows is still better.
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LOL dont bother unless your PC is like 8 years old.

I have a mid range PC and while playing the beta I had open:

HoN (more demanding game than Diablo 3)
Firefox (with a bunch of tabs including videos and !@#$)

And it ran perfectly.
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05/10/2012 09:25 AMPosted by Tenacious
You guys must have some bad PC's if your that concerned.

It pays off to maintain your PC in as good as working condition as possible.

I have friends who have more powerful comps than my own yet they are as slow as hell because of so many programs running at the same time, many of which seem unnecessary and the fact they don't care about cleaning out garbage like broken registries, temp files and the like.
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10. Kiss the wife and son goodbye and tell both you'll be venturing to Tristram for awhile. When they ask what that is, reply with something akin to "...a realm of evil."
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11. Make a promise to yourself about D3 playtime, and keep it.
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12. Affix the colostomy bag
13. unplug landline phone
14. turn off Mobile
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A pack of ciggerettes and make sure to musterbed first. =P
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