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Why I switched from Barb to X

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For years I've planned rolling a barbarian, I played as a barb in d2 naturally I was going to roll a barb in d3 release - basically it was my most favorite class until what you are about to learn in this thread.

So why did I switch and for what class?

I have been gathering information through forum/ ign / other website polls and the Barb always comes out to be the leading class with an average lead of 7-10% over all other classes (standard deviation is very low)
You are thinking; big deal so what, yes it will be the most played class, more items on the RMAH for me.

This is where you are very wrong, with such disproportional numbers while there will indeed be more supply of barb gear, there will also be more demand, and let's face it this is simple economics, Barb weapons will be one of the highest selling on the RMAH.

For people like me who will only have a couple hours on the weekend to play this game the RMAH is a great solution, but what drove me away from this class is precisely this matter, I will be spending a good amount of money on the RMAH and I don't want to pay markup on barb gear.

The next issue comes again from such large numbers of barbs, more then likely a random game at any given moment will have at least 2/4 barbs, maybe more. If you watched Jay's latest interview on Inferno, working in groups as a team will be easier due to the variety of management abilities. Meaning if you are just another Barb in inferno your group will most likely ditch you over any other barb with better gear (unless you have no life and or spend absurd amounts of cash on virtual items).

There are many other issues at hand, but IMO according to all the preliminary statistics the best class to roll as of right now is in this order Witch doctor > Wizard > Demonhunter, these 3 classes are most underrepresented and will have the greatest chance of getting gear at reasonable prices and stay in high demand in inferno group runs.
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Oop, another barb bites the dust <_<
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Monk is a must in inferno because of all the healing skills and buffs... The other important class is WD with group control, Pets, DOTS and buffs...

For me a good group in inferno will be a Monk, WD and 2 more to fill the group....

My first choice was play as Barb but right now i cant decide if i play as Barb, Monk or WD....
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uh? ok what ever you say.
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same reason im not rolling a barb. when diablo 3 was announced i was certain i was rolling a barb until i noticed how many people will be rolling one. now ill be rolling a demon hunter on may 15th
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why are u guys so worried about it? if theres millions of players, obviously people will be playing your class. get over it. and for the polls, that means nothing, people could roll a barb play for 10 mins and realize they wana try something different.
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First of all putting enough money to even make a difference into the RMAH is just stupidity. I'm rolling barb because I love the class, and in the mean time I will make buku bucks off nubs buying my $25 legendary RMAH slots. Glass is half full my bro.
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Monk is a must in inferno because of all the healing skills and buffs... The other important class is WD with group control, Pets, DOTS and buffs...

For me a good group in inferno will be a Monk, WD and 2 more to fill the group....

My first choice was play as Barb but right now i cant decide if i play as Barb, Monk or WD....

Actually, I looked into it, and even with all the heals that Barbarian actually has similar damage mitigation and healing (healing in PvE w/Overpower/Revenge). If you look at the Monk's heal, it heals for like 7k, and 9.5k with the heal bonus rune, but health pots heal for 12.5k. So the heal really isn't as hugely strong as most think it is, although nice, not super.

Players are going to be clearly capping out with massive amounts of hp, so raw damage mitigation like % reduced damage is going to be extremely potent, I believe more-so than raw healing.

The Barbarian has a host of damage reducing options, including massive armor buffs, max hp buffs, and % damage reduction on a large scale, along with extremely potent healing (overpower's 8% max life heal per target hit). So when it comes down to it, the Barbarian is actually tankier than the Monk.

My opinion, the Monk's defensive power is going to come from his massive dodge ability, and the One with Everything passive. Using these are going to bring the Monk up to par, but I do still overall believe the Barbarian is tankier than the Monk as a single unit, and is a slightly better tank, although it goes without saying the Monk is a much better support hero.

IMO, Barbarian +Monk is going to be highly valuable in any team comp, and second that Wizards (Energy Armor keeps them alive when the tanks can't).

EDIT: This was a big reason I decided to go Barbarian over Monk, because you have equally powerful defensive power but greater damage output (my build gives about 50% bonus damage without WotB, bringing Hammer of the Ancients up to 400%-ish weapon damage on a hella spammable skill, and far more than that if you use WotB).
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Then a whole bunch decide to do the same thing (likely for the same reason) and barbarian becomes the least played class... :-P
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Why would you pick a class dependent on their popularity? Pick the one you enjoy playing.

I'm actually really torn between what class to play because they're all really fun. How popular or unpopular they are shouldn't be a deciding factor.

If you like Barbs play a barb. You'll just regret it in the long run if you play something you don't like as much.
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I remember when I used to think like that, I always had to play the least popular class. Then I came to realize that I should not care what other people think (especially in an online virtual world). Instead of worrying about that, I decided to just play the class I thought was fun and to become the best at it. The change in mindset did me wonders as I rolled-over those who insulted my favorite class. =]
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I was under the impression that the DH was going to be the top class. At least, according to the poll on Facebook.
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Consider this:

Strength is the primary Barb stat.
Dex is the primary DH/Monk stat.
Int is the primary Wiz/WD stat.

Supply for all 3 of these stats will be roughly equal since drops are randomized.

Demand is based on the % of the game that wants each of these gears. So if Barb is 25% of the game, DH is 20% of the game, Monk is 20% of the game, Wiz is 20% of the game, and WD is 15% of the game -- then demand for Str gear is 25% of the buyers, demand for Dex gear is 40% of the buyers, and demand for int gear is 35% of the buyers. With this scenario, even though the Barbarian is the most popular class, its primary attribute will be the least sought after and thus the gear will be cheaper than any other class.
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Good, play another class then.

There's no room in the game for hipster barbarians.
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Class will be popular but those who excel at it will be few.

Everyone will like roflstomping Hell's hordes at low levels on easy difficulties.

When things get harder and good reflexes are required, numbers will drop off.

A good barbarian will be worth his weight in gold.
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OP is weak and filled with fear. Would not have made a good barbarian.
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this is just a fun game and for those of you who are not going to choose this class because there're too many others, you guys are missing the point of playing an enjoyable game.

Doesn't make any difference to me and well if whatever you said is right then great, less Barbs for me, haha.
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not everyone plays a class because its 5% better than another class (only a very small handful of people do this)
the vast majority of people play X class because they like ti not because its 5% better than the next class.
then you have the many millions of people playing with a choice of 5 classes. you aren't going to be unique or different there will be millions playing whatever class you choose. Mark up on items? lol... a godly weapon for any of the classes will cost big $$ on the RMAH.

as for the "research and calculations" people have done on which class is the 'best' at this point its still very much speculation as there's no one that knows how inferno actually plays and interacts with the classes.

and to close ill say that i could care less at whatever class is over or under represented. i wont be buying anything from the RMAH. i play Diablo to hunt and find gear ive never understood the mentality of people that buy gear.. the "i must be better than XX random guy NOW!!"... its not a competitive game.. i played D2 for over 10 years and i never once felt the need to go buy something because i needed to prove how awesome i am to complete strangers. . to me the whole point of the game is to find stuff and maybe trade up if i just buy all the best stuff i have nothing left to do / yawn.... and don't even say pvp.... if i want to fight other people ill play a game that's properly designed for it.
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