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Why I switched from Barb to X

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I still miss my warrior from d1....Black Gothic Plate. I went Paladin in d2, some liked it, I was fairly dissappointed. Trying to decide which to go in 3.
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One of the big advantages of the barb in d2 was that he was right in the thick of things where the majority of the items drop. Now that there is no competition for drops it makes more sense to me to be a ranged character to start with.
Nonetheless I am still going barb first because I like them and they are ideal for a group.
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you know the RMAH is a choice right? you dont have to use it, ever.
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According to that same Jay Wilson interview (that I believe you're referring to) he states that the 'balance' comes for the offensive/defensive abilities chosen by each player. That being said, he states you can solo inferno, and by that logic 4 barbs can easily beat inferno, with proper spell selection. (offense, self-oriented defense, group-oriented defense). Buying items shouldn't mean anything to you, there is no ladder, and its not wow. All that matters is having FUN.
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Maybe I'm more of a unique case than I realize, but how are so many people using "the community" as a reason for their main issue? I work with people who play Blizzard games, I know people who I've played with in other Blizzard games like WoW, and I live with two other people who've preordered D3. I know the roommate situation is definitely not applicable to all, but it blows my mind that there seems to be a vast number of players out there who by some necessity are relying entirely on random games.

I say, if you take issue with group composition in random games, find a group of 2 or 3 friends, decide who wants to be what, and then play as a diversified group with them.

One of my roommates already called Witch Doctor. My other roomie can't choose between Demon Hunter and Wizard. And I've been drooling over Monk and Barb forever. Maybe i just got lucky.
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OP, your logic doesn't make any sense to me. Play what class you like. That is more important that supposedly having the best gear in the game.

If you truly have Barbarian in your heart, you will either be willing to pay the speculated increased prices on gear or willing to not have the best of the best gear.
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@OP- Im glad your not playing a Barb. You do not have the intestinal fortitude or the sheer fearlessness of a true barbarian. Plz stay in the back of the group and play safe while you watch me charge into a pack of enemies and cleave their numbers in half from within.
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If these are your reasons to play other class, then I guess barbarian is pretty fine. Good luck with wathever class you pick though
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I'm not so fickle. I like to wade into my foes and beat them with brute strength. Worked when I was a teacher in Japan, should work just as well in Diablo 3 as a Barbarian!
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well wizard and witch doctors will be going after the same gear ( besides wands and offhands) int will be their main stat. and monks and demon hunters will be going after agi, barbs are actually the only one that str is their main stat. so even if barb is over represented their will still be a higher demand for other classes gears since they are sharing gear with other classes.
im sure big barb weps will still be a heavy cost but so will a good crossbow or any beast weapon since all classes are heavily dependent on weapon damage.

so even if barbs are 25-30% of people playing, the gear would still even out to each classes since the other toons will be represented in the 12-18% range but sharing with another class.

even with that being said... if everyone and their mother was playing a barb, id play it to. its super fun, ever since i was a kid i always picked the biggest toon to do the big hits, its ingrained in me.
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Vlad, nothing you said was logical.
What you said actualy will happen to the other classes regardless of the play %.
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People will play the barbarian for the first 2-3 weeks but will probably switch later on.
Dont let people chose what class your gonna play.
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Barbarian will be so easy to start and so hard for tough melee boss later. kating was pretty much best way to solo a tough boss, all ranger class have noticed advantage for tough boss fight in Hell/Inferno mode. I was even using bow for my barbarian in D2 for some boss fight. Many people still don't know if it is a good choice to pick barbarian as primary char since this class real need good armor and weapons ($$$). You will only need a decent weapon if select all other class. I guess we will see barbarian finish normal mode first since many hardcore player will use barbarian and they have a small group(wife/hus) . In easy mode barbarian is some kind OP too. But in harder mode later, the progress of barbarian will be slowed if you decide to solo since barb real need gear up first. anyway, real enjoying barbarian in D2 and D3 beta but to save money I may still select other class first. Best choice for me would be that picking up other class and farming some gear for barbarian first then play barbarian for pvp or latest hardcore pve.
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OP, using your same logic ALL THE GEAR that drops for everyone playing D3 could be Barbarian loot and thus the prices would drop dead very quick since there wouldn't be a demand for so much loot and thus Barbarian gear would go for like nothing!

See how it's easy to speculate on something that's not out yet?

The loot system is RANDOM! Everything can drop in any quantity and combination and there's no such % lockdown in the system saying that X% of drops should be barbarian gear or Demon Hunter gear or whatever.

I'll be playing Monk, which I called since 2010 or so and my friends will be playing the other classes, so we'll have a full variable team BUT...

...The One Thousand and One Gods will give their Blessings to my 3 comrade Barbarians that join me into a random game and the Heavens shall have mercy on the pitiful demons and infidels as our Band of Destruction Shall marsh over them and stop only when the Halls of Hell are empty and purified with Fury and Holy Fire!!!
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That's so true! I was afraid of going with the majority but i realize that it will be very diverse in-game. Also, people might give up on one class and move on to one that fits there play style better.
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Ok I have 10 friends that are going to play D3 and only 1 of us are rolling barb. so unless I dont have a grasp on basic math that is only 10% (of my group) that is rolling barb!

Barbs are very gear driven char's and alot of ppl tend to lean away from them. This is just what I have learned within my circle of friends!
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You are going to have to pull some BS things to survive in Inferno, Barb isn't for the weak of heart.
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I couldn't care less what other people do. For me, Ive always loved the mechanics of warriors, paladins, and barbarians. I am not going to worry about pvp at this point and only focus on pvm. I feel that barbs have a good chance in inferno. I also had a very well known warrior in d1, and a very well known barbarian in d2 which I hope to keep the name going.
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It's funny when people are so obsessed with being a special, unique snowflake in a game with millions of people. It is a numerical impossibility, and even the margin from the highest played class to other classes is comparatively tiny.
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The reason I am playing a barb first:

Because it's what I want to play.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.
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