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Do shouts stack?

Can you run both Battle Rage and Threatening Shout at the same time?
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hmm, if shouts stack, then i wonder if the passive rune Inspiring Presence stacks as well, or if it just resets the counter. 2 or 3% of max life regen per sec would be nice in inferno!
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My assumption on this would be No, they don't stack.

What would happen when you cast a shout (assuming Blizz holds to their patterns) is you gain a buff called "Inspiring Presence". That buff regenerates 1% health per sec. So casting the same shout again would simply refresh the buff. And I highly doubt using a different shout would apply a new instance of "Inspiring Presence". Rather, I'd assume anytime you shout, you get "Inspiring Presence" buff, and if you already have it on you, it just refreshes.

Speculation? Yes. But I think that's how it's going to be, because Blizz typically states when things have the possibility of stacking with themselves.
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Shouts won't stack with themselves but you can have different shouts stack with each other.
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Battle rage is a self buff
Threatening shout is a debuff on enemies
War cry is a party buff

All very different things.
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So can you have battle rage and war cry on at the same time?
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