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So who saw the Avengers?

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I took my Father to see it last Tuesday. He really enjoyed it more than I did, which is a good thing as I love my Dad.
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Movie of the Year.
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05/15/2012 08:20 AMPosted by jevrio
Movie of the Year.

2nd this! I loved The Avengers.

I think Disney made an incredibly smart move by buying Marvel, but there's one movie I hope they don't ever touch, since Disney doesn't do R rated movies (and this movie I feel would require it): Deadpool. Perhaps an Origins type movie would be alright, but a full out Deadpool would require R rating (and that's definitely not Disney).

The Avengers was by far the best superhero movie to date though. Thinking about seeing it in theaters again, and then DEFINITELY a blu-ray buy when it comes out!
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Not gonna be an issue, since FOX owns the rights to a Deadpool movie.
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100 Human Paladin
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Just saw it waiting for Diablo 3 to come up best movie of the year without a doubt.
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I thought it was kinda !@#$.

Though lately no movies appeal to me. Just felt like more hollywood poo imo ^^, predictable poo.
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05/10/2012 07:55 AMPosted by Zenbrak
Puny god.

Aw, drat. You beat me to it!

Anyways, I love the Avengers. I cannot wait for a sequel to come out (Already planned). Thor 2, Iron Man 3, etc.
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05/15/2012 01:49 PMPosted by Kujia
Not gonna be an issue, since FOX owns the rights to a Deadpool movie.

Well in that respect then, they very well might ruin it...but at least it'll be M rated...lol :)
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The movie was great. My only complaints are that the opening sequence felt a bit rushed/weird and that the scene with Loki in Germany right before the Cap'n shows up was very badly acted.

Other than that, loved every second. Will watch again in theaters.
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Awesome film. Have seen it 3 times now. The sequel 2 it cant come soon enough. Hulk is funny as.
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Still waiting for the DvD

*holds up hook*
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85 Worgen Rogue
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The Avengers is definatly the best thing out in the movies now, and possibly best of the year. Not the best ever though, there is a long road for The Avengers to be THE BEST MOVIE EVER, but its good.
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05/11/2012 04:34 AMPosted by OrbitalSaint
I find it boring, imo. Don't flame me, it just didn't appeal to me as much that I hope it would.

We respect your opinion.

But it's a proven fact the avenger is an awesome movie.
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90 Draenei Shaman
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Didn't care for it. Maybe I have seen too many Marvel movies, as their process has gotten quite stale. Also, I saw it at a drive-in, maybe another reason I didn't like it. It was an action movie and nothing else. I enjoyed the Nolan Batman movies much more.
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05/11/2012 04:34 AMPosted by OrbitalSaint
I find it boring, imo. Don't flame me, it just didn't appeal to me as much that I hope it would.

So long as you're not flaming other people for liking it, then opinion respected!

Personally I enjoyed it an awful lot. Hulk's scene with Loki just had the whole crowd going nuts!
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I'm relatively hard to please when it comes to action. It's not that I don't like it, it's that the fight/action scenes really need to push the envelope for me like Neo fighting two thousand Agent Smiths in Matrix Reloaded. It really has to wow me.

That said, I liked it. Wasn't as good as the original Iron Man imo, but still good. There was some clever dialogue, and any movie with the character Tony Stark in it is going to be funny. Some good chemistry between the characters made it more enjoyable.

I found Captain America, Black Widow, and Hawkeye to be rather boring in a fight. Admittedly it's hard to make them feel powerful next to a Norse god, a guy in a flying "future suit", and a giant green monster scaling buildings. They could have given them some epic hand to hand scenes, but declined to do so besides an early one with Scarlett Johanson.

Overall decent, but most people REALLY enjoyed it and I accept that.
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06/05/2012 12:28 PMPosted by Atomicus
I enjoyed the Nolan Batman movies much more.

Thiiiiissssssss :))

Bruce Wayne is a tortured, unbalanced human being. His flaws make him interesting, and I really get into the dark seedy underworld that is Gotham City. Batman Begins is one of my favorite movies and Batman himself is my favorite super hero. Dark Knight was fantastic too. There's real substance to those movies, where as I felt Avengers was just another action romp. Meh, regardless, opinions are opinions and I think it's fine for people to rave over Avengers.
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I thought the first half was !@#$ and the second half was just alright. Definitely wasn't worth the money.
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The best comic book to movie ever. Seriously amazing. Made by a nerd, for nerds.
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