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Clarification on RMAH restrictions.

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Which real-money auction houses will I have access to?
Players have access to real-money auction houses in their “home” game region only, as determined by the country of residence registered to the player’s Battle.net account. In addition, players in certain countries may only have access to a subset of the real-money auction houses in their home game region. Players in all three game regions will have access to the gold-based auction house for the region in which they’re playing.

By default, the Diablo III auction house system will automatically determine the most appropriate real-money auction house for you and display that in the auction-house selection interface. Players interested in participating in auction houses for other currencies available to them (as determined by the country of residence register to their Battle.net account) can do so via an advanced feature in the game’s option menu.

To determine which real-money auction houses you have access to, refer to the table for your home region linked below.

The Americas - home game region for players in North America, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia
Europe - home game region for players in the European Union, Eastern Europe, Russia, Africa, and Middle Eastern countries such as Israel and the United Arab Emirates

Will I be allowed to bid on items from players outside my own region?
Due to various factors, including technology, currency, and regional regulations, the auction house for each currency is completely independent, and serves different player communities around the world. You will only be able to bid on items in the auction houses you have access to as described above, and items cannot be transferred or posted across game regions.

Ok so going by this we will be on the American RMAH but only able to buy and sell to Australians due to USD and AUD being different currencies and the auction house for each currency is completely independent?

Will there be enough aussies buying and selling on the RMAH or will there be a major shortage of items due to being limited to only Aussies??
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04/10/2012 12:00 AMPosted by Arcagnion
You guys have access to an Australian dollar auction house and a US dollar auction house. It will be up to you which you prefer to use. The advantages being that there are no currency conversation fees if you use the AUD auction house - on the other hand the USD auction house will have a larger player population.

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The blue post in this thread (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/4362524099?page=1#2) seems to say that there will be both a USD and AUD auction house, and we will have the choice between the two, either having a smaller player population of the AUD AH or the larger population of the USD one, however with currency conversion fees.
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Ahh tyvm :)
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Does anyone know the currency conversion fee for $US to $NZ? when using the RMAH->paypal->withdraw to bank. Going to be my first time converting currency.

edit: I'll assume it 2% ish, what my bank charges for accepting foreign currency.
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the way i see it, the bigger player base (US) will be the buyers market and the smaller one (AUS) will be a sellers market. transaction fees are usually very small, but adding to that the 15% AH fee so it'll be important to factor that in. does the blue post imply we choose which we want to use, and the decision is final? or we can use both as we please?
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What about NZ players - we have to pay conversion fees for both i guess :(
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