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Hardcore mode for the Barbarian

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Ive played many Hardcore characters in Diablo 2. The hardest ones were the melee classes. THe Paladin was my favorite Hardcore character to play. Since that class no longer exists it looks like the Barbarian will be my choice Hardcore play. I have some concerns about monster curses. The number one way that I died was the curse Oblivion Knights put on me called Iron Maiden. Damage dealt was damage received. So using my Zeal ability on any mob while I was cursed equaled instant death in Nightmare and Hell modes.

I eventually learn what the curse looked like above my head. Whenever I saw that graphic I immediately portaled home. The main reason why I did this was that my companion suffered all buffs and debuffs. So if I was cursed my companion would die in almost 2 seconds flat. I used the act 2 defensive melee companion so he is always going after things whether I liked it or not. Basically, in Nightmare mode I would pop a town portal up every 20 yards when entering Diablos throne room. Some would say that doesnt sound like fun or that it is too tedious. Trust me when I say when you have a level 80 hardcore toon you learn to take every situation as if its your last.

Back to my initial concern. I would like to know if the infamous curse Iron Maiden will be implemented and what does the curse look like graphically. Will it be a graphic on the mob or over your characters head? If so, what play level (norm, nightmare,hell or iinferno) will mobs start using this curse and what mobs in particular.

If any of you played Hardcore mode you understand my paranoia. I just dont want to get a HC toon to level 50 and find out the hard way. Even with knowing if and what the graphic looks like it still will be a challenge because I will have to deal with those mobs anyway. Just good to know before hand because in D2 this curse was the only reason my melee HC toons died.
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they took out Iron Maiden from those oblivion knights in d2, been a while since u played? i dont think they are going to be implementing a mistake they already fixed in d2 into d3.
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I played yesterday and the graphic is still there from Oblivion Knights. Not saying they changed what that graphic meant but when my companion had that debuff his life would shoot down to almost nothing when making a attack. Can you link where Blizz removed that curse. It is still listed here as official.........http://www.diablowiki.com/Iron_Maiden_(Diablo_II).

Iron Maiden: This spell curses a creature, condemning them to receive whatever pains they inflict upon others. The greater the skill of the Necromancer, the greater the magnitude of torment the victim receives for his wrongdoings. Damage dealt is damage received.

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I also want to know how many barbs will be using a shield after normal mode. I know that defensive skills complemented with a good amount of damage is essential but maybe not nessesary. Interested to know how many barbs will be wielding a shield while playing solo.
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