Diablo® III

Pick my build for normal

Basically pick my entire build, I'll use it through my first play through on normal, and possibly even nightmare if it still works.

I'll pick the first ability so you guys don't completely troll me and leave me screwed with only auto attack, after that, add one thing to my build (Ability, passive or active, or a rune). Only add one thing per post please.

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Here's some single target dps to go with cleave.
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Leap is fun
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Dat higher damage.
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Some more mobility
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Added rupture rune to Cleave, build needed a bit more AoE

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Added Merciless Assault rune to Furious Charge.

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Is this supposed to be a challenge thread? If so, you guys are really going easy on him. Also Merciless is level 33.. not achievable on normal. Which comes to mind... are you just going to leave skills or runes with empty slots until they become available?
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The point is we're trying to collaborate a decent build without knowing what any of the others is thinking. But I don't think we can add any runes above level 30, so does DUSL's post count?
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I like Weapons Master :D
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Brawler is a must. How can you pass up an extra 30% damage! I suspect this may get nerfed in the future because it is too good of a passive
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@Waters and @DUSL you can't use Brawler or Merciless assault because the build is for norm, and we're expected to be 30 by the time we finish it.

The build as it is so far minus those two: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/barbarian#bZXS!Y!aZ
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If I wake up tomorrow and no one else has posted on this I'm gonna go again.
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Well that was boring :(
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You can pick your friends and you can pick your build, but you can't pick your friends build.
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