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The Scale of the Universe

05/16/2012 07:08 PMPosted by Zeratule143
It's Awesome because it has the size of a Minecraft world in in XD
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This is awesome! Thanks for sharing :)
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this wasn't in the bible, must be false
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Damn. Flash.

Internet, Y U no do everything in HTML5 already?
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Then if you go far enough out into space, you won't even be able to "see" the "universe". At that point, you are in pure consciousness. Nothingness. Emptiness. But, full of potential. Ready to spring forth and create.

Consciousness > Universe

Pure, infinite potential.
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Omg this is so cool!
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lol! holy crap! Japanese spider crabs!

Very cool flash thingy.
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Great link
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VY Canis Majoris, the largest known star. Its diameter would extend beyond Saturn if place in the solar system.

Brilliant :)
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omg that is so cool, thank you!
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the universe = very solid proof of the almighty God
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something similar i saw a few years ago- a short film from 1968 called 'the powers of ten'

original: http://www.powersof10.com/film

set to music (voice-over removed): http://vimeo.com/8945016
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AMAZING I LOVED IT, the music made me feel like i was reborn and traveling through space and time WOW, i needa show this to my friends.
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That was certainly cool.
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Pretty cool but I noticed when they compared Andromeda to the Milky Way they looked almost identical in size. Andromeda is about 2x the size of the Milky Way. But very cool none the less. I am a huge universe junky. I watch like through the worm hole and The Universe and all those documentaries explaining all the coolness of things that we will never fully understand.

I never new that those little dwarf stars exploded with mega flares every so often. And those little stars that radiate those mega flares can last a trillion years. Fun fact.
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