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D2 and D1 monologues X D3 dialogues

I've been playing Diablo I and II the last days, to remember all the lore details before I start to play Diablo III and... man, I'm almost crying! The nostalgia feeling is great!

"Demons are concerned with ripping out your heart, not your signpost."
Griswold, The Blacksmith

I should tattoo that!

One of the things that are new in Diablo III is that there aren't just monologues, but dialogues instead: the heroes actually talk with other characters, what gives them deeper psychology than in the previous games. Sounds like Blizz is trying to give a face for their heroes: they are not what they are because they know to fight; they aren't different just because they kill demons in different ways; there is something more, a purpose, a life.

It will be awesome to play all the five classes, to know them better.
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Despite i have already seen this on the gameplay trailers, only now i realized what you have bee talking. And hell ! It will be really awesome!
I love how they focus on the story on D3. Its something we fans did wanted and they heard our wishes.
I will read all lore in the game and try to explore every piece of lore secretly hidden within the affixes of the gear, or in the signposts etc...
Thoses new dialogues must be deep and immersive.
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Your character also has random little discussions with the NPC companions.
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Your character also has random little discussions with the NPC companions.

Yes, I've seen this in the Beta... Templar has a strong psychology too. Producers said that the dialogues are pretty fun sometimes, and serves as well to tell the story while you're walking. D2 had this problem: the mercenary was just a pet, not really a companion. It was like: "I'm paying you, so don't talk". And now the followers have their own reasons to follow the heroes in their journey.

Other thing: they talk to you cause, while you're walking back, exploring the dungeons and places, you get bored of just walk and walk and walk... so the dialogues are there for a full immersion, you won't lose attention from the game. That's something new too, and I loved it.
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The mercenaries from DII were mercenaries. Just this.
Now we have companions.
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