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CLEAVE - 120% weapon damage with 5 fury per swing +3 fury per enemy hit. thats 8 on single target, 2(11), 3(14), aka alot of fury generation. why go anything but this, unless your using CLOBBER to constant stun the boss in 1v1 encounter type play?

REVENGE - 30% to activate each time you are hit, does 220% weapon AOE damage and heals for 5% MAX HEALTH per ENEMY HIT. with 3 mobs hitting you, this should almost always be up... is there a global cooldown, and 5% max health is huge.

WHIRLWIND - can someone explain how this works, it doesnt look that impressive to me. just says, deliver multiple attacks to everything in your path for 110% weapon damage. is that 110% each time? 110% over 10 seconds, how quick do you attack, every 1.0 second? how is cleave not better, beside cleave being a frontal ARC and whirlwind being an AOE ?

cleave is 120% and generates fury, as well as 3 per target hit. whirlwind is 110% costs 16 and can rune to get 1 fury per target hit, cleave sounds more damage and it is a fury generater not a user/dump/waster/etc.

OVERPOWER - cooldown 15 seconds with no fury cost. sounds useless as 15 seconds is awhile in this game. 165% weapon damage is subpar. and states landing a critical strike has a chance to lower the cooldown, does that mean a critical strike with whirlwind or cleave or renvenge can lower it or just the critical strike from the overpower if i hit say 5 enemies, crit 3 of them, the CD is now 13. (2/3 reduced the cooldown) or is it every attack in my aresnal can reduce the cooldown?

Wrath of the berserker, nice ability, but with the 120 seconds/15 second up time, using the battlerage into the fray where crits can generate 15 fury and cleave does 8,11,14/etc fury, is it possible to keep this effect up for 30-40 seconds every 2 minutes?

I have alot of questions and i'm sure im missing some, but i see so many builds and try to read why everyone favors whirlwind to cleave and why people keep using overpower in their set up when it is not a fury generator or dump and its on a decent cooldown.
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also on passives... bloodthirst 3% of damage done is gained as health, this almost seems worthless. gems in the game do ~300 HP return on hit.

so a cleave that does 500x5=2500 x.03 = 75 health...wow!!!!

or.. 5 gems in your armor that each do 300 a hit give... 300 x 5 x 5 = 7500 health...

maybe when we have these gems we will be hitting for 20,000 x 5 to get back 3000 health.
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about the CLEAVE stuff - is all about your own preferred playing style.

about REVENGE - is not that easy ... since you will have a chance to dodge too... and I bet they will add some restriction on this skill .. like occur at most once every 1-2-3 seconds ... dunno ...

about OVERPOWER - the critical hit reduction on cooldown will benefit from any type of attacks you are doing to the enemy, as long as the OVERPOWER skill is still in cooldown state ofc....so yes .. if you do critical with whirlwind or cleave you will get cd reduction on overpower skill.

about Wrath of the BERSERKER - 1 - there is a level 60 passive skill that will reduce it's cooldown from 120 seconds to 90 seconds. 2 - even if you go with high fury generator attack .. you won't be able to keep it up more than 23-24 seconds(15 initially+ 8-9 more seconds) ... because of the limit of your attack speed...


about BLOODTHIRST - later in game you could reach the potential of doing like 10k DPS ... so that small number of 3% is very helpfull ... since you will be in the middle of a fight .. taking many hard hits .. so every hp that you can take is good.

about GEMS - that's 500 life PER HIT !!! ... early in game .. gems > bloodthirst ... but later on ... gems tend to suck :| ... that's my oppinion...
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thanks for quick reply, overpower seems decent if it works with any critical hit may reduce the cooldown, quite possibly the uptime of the 10% bonus to critical strike for 6 seconds could be up 50% or more
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