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Collector's Edition to Digital Copy query.

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I have purchased the WoW Annual Pass to get a digital copy of Diablo 3.
I have also recently purchased the Collectors Edition.

I understand I can apply the CE license to my Digital Account, in order to reduct the Annual Pass time by 4 months.

My query is, if I do this, am I still limited to installing one copy of the game?

Can I apply my CE license to my Digital one, and do I get another license for my Digital Copy? (So I can pass onto a family member.)

If not, can I opt to simply just transfer the CE license to my Digital Copy and NOT reduct the 4 months from my Annual Pass commitment, in order to be able to have two D3 licenses?

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You'd actually have to contact costumer service for that, they might be able to give you a key for standard edition and cancel the 4 months free subscription. As I read in a blue post that that is possible when you'd have bought the digital version, but I'm not sure with annual pass
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You cannot get another code for the annual pass D3, only if you actually bought D3, then upgrade to CE. You're stuck with the 4 months of game time.
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So if i understand right now , i can start playing at 12:00 am on my digital then upgrade to CE??? That way i could get all funny stuff from CE and starting hardcore gaming at 12:00 am??
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Yes, you can start playing on your standard AP digital edition at midnight and then upgrade to the CE through the web site at a later time. They will not give you a Key for the free D3 standard version though. All you get is 4 months of free WoW game time applied to your account. Also, unlike WoW, you can not have more than one instance of D3 on a single battle.net account.
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so should i wait to install my digital copy until i have CE key in hand to enter or just add CE key to bnet profile after i pick it up tonight?
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It is up to you.

If you have the AP - You can install now, start playing on your free AP standard edition if you wish, and later upgrade. It should keep your character and just give you the goodies along with 4 months of WoW gametime as a reward for upgrading. This is the option that will get you in game the fastest.

If you purchased a digital edition and have not played it but want to use the CE instead. Wait to install until you get the CE and Call Billing and see if they will refund the basic edition. Contact info is here http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/contact
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