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need help upgrading comp

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i was looking at the system requirements for d3, and i reallyhave no idea if my processor is good enough for diablo 3. since most of my other specs were not and i had to upgrade them anyway, i assume its not at the requirement. but i was looking and i didnt understand how to look for an upgrade? like what numbers to look at to know if one is better.
i saw on the requirement list that under the minimum it said something like 2.8ghz, but under recommended it said 2.4ghz, does that mean better processors go down in number?
also, can anyone recommend a motherboard/processor, with motherboard having more than 2 slots for additional ram.
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not exactly, the minimum req 2.8 ghz was single core. thet 2.4 ghz was a duel core or which is basically twice the power. (although it doesn't scale perfectly its a bit lower than 100% scale) you want a higher number but you also need to take into account the number of cores it has
a single core 2.8 is 1x2.8 = 2.8
a dual core 2.4 is 2x2.4 = 4.8

if you are building a new computer
for diablo 3 you should get atleast a gtx 560

i am building a computer myself and i looked at all the nvidia graphics cards and this (exact model, not just any gtx 560, only the one i linked) keeps your computer the coolest and is the least noisy)
as for a new CPU get either a i5 2500k or an i5 3750k. they are pretty much identical in performace except the 2500k is cheaper but takes more power to run. so if i plan on keeping the computer running alot it may be more cost effetive from an electicty standpoint to get a 3750k. you can get it here:
its the cheapest i found

also if you buy that there and get this montherboard
together they have a bulk deal and you will pay only $89 for it after rebates instead of the full $160

for ram you can get 8 gb for $33 after rebate here:

and since your upgrading i assume you already has an OS, a cd drive, a case, and a monitor.
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FurryFury gave you a good answer, I'd just like to add that it would be nice to know what kind of gear you currently have so we can know what you need to upgrade. To do that you can run a dxdiag and post the result here.

If you don't know how to run dxdiag, follow this simple tutorial:


Good luck!
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Nothing wrong with AMD stuff for Diablo. It's not a very GPU/CPU intensive game at most resolutions.

Keep in mind though that you get what you pay for. If you can get a great deal from discounts/coupons then that's awesome, but if you get the cheapest.. well.. you get the cheapest.

Check some websites for buyers guides and what not..

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found a better motherboard for cheaper... if paired with the i5 3750 on micro center

and better ram for only $5 more
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RAM wise, you really need only 2 slots, get 2 4gigs, and unless you are doing high end applications dev, you will likely never max out the 8 gigs.

You might even take a performance hit using more sticks, I found out my motherboard was such a beast, and switched to 2 4's and it was a considerable increase for the $50, not using the others to jump it up another 4 gigs when the 8 isn't even used. (and would take a performance hit AGAIN)

Video cards are dropping and I'd go Radeon 7850 or a Nvidia 570 on a new build or better now. ($250+)
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