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Hey all . . . first thread on the Barb forums. I've been pretty active on Monk's side. I plan to role Monk unless my friend doesn't role Barb. I've been spending a lot of time on the Barb calculator recently, and I'm pretty intrigued by certain "on-hit" mechanics and synergies, particularly Mighty weapons from Weapons Master passive. I was hoping I could get some answers to some of the questions I have (the more straightforward the better). I'm not gonna pretend that every question can be answered, knowing how little late-game information is out.

Dual-wielding Fury Weapons
Mighty Weapons: 3 Fury per hit
How much extra rage is generated solely from this mechanic in the following scenarios:

Frenzy(Sidearm) hits 3 mobs
Hammer of the Ancients hits 3 mobs
Rend hits 3 mobs
Seismic Slam hits 3 mobs
Revenge hits 3 mobs
Overpower hits 3 mobs
Whirlwind hits 3 mobs
Ancient Spear(Grappling Hooks) hits 3 mobs
Ancient Spear(Harpoon) drags 3 mobs
Weapon Throw(Ricochet) hits 3 mobs
Weapon Throw(Dread Bomb) hits 3 mobs
Furious Charge hits 3 mobs

Additional Questions:

Do the primary skills (Bash/Cleave/Frenzy) only ever strike with one weapon per swing?
Does Whirlwind hit quicker and more often for dual-wield than for two-hand with the same fury expenditure?
Does Revenge and or Overpower technically hit every nearby enemy with both weapons, one weapon, or neither weapon?
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I'll go in reverse order.

I believe your generators alternate between main and off hand but most (all?) other skills such as revenge and overpower use main hand damage.

WW hits quicker and more often dual-wielding but also ends quicker so similar dps weapons should end up doing similar damage for the same amount of fury despite weapon speeds.

Your generators alternate which weapon they use, they never swing with the damage of both at the same time.

I would guess, and you have the same info I do so it is purely speculation, that all of these will give you 9 fury.
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Haha, Snoo. we think sooo much alike.. I was just looking to get this question answered too. hit me up with a friend request when you get in game. we can roll barby/barby, barby/monk, monk/monk. =D
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