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Cool Your Computer, Monitor processor/hd temp

COOL YOUR COMPUTER OFF! Monitor your processor and Hard Drive temps!

Hello everyone. I was playing D3 beta and my laptop was running very hot! I did some research and found this program that works great for PC (and its 64bit compatible!)

It's FREEWARE! No cost and if your a programmer, you can get the code too!

Just wanted to share because this may help allot of people get better performance out of their computer for gaming ect

It allows you to change the speed of your eternal fan(s) so it cools your computer off so your performance is better and you can play longer

Its just one of the things I did to get my laptop ready for Diablo III (besides dropping in a new processor)

Anyways, Here is the link to check out the program, its called "SpeedFan"

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The issue I have with those kinds of software is that they usually set your fan speed to a static amount, which you frequently have to change (manually, of course).

Remember that your fans/cooling system is also a party of your laptop and can degrade if you set it to 100% all the time!
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Go ahead and download MSI Afterburner and ajust your fan speed your self.

My fan speed is at 5% and never goes over 130F when gaming.

I do use a Asus Direct CU II 570.
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Note: I set my fans to speeds to keep my laptop cool to a certain degree Celcus. The program monitors the temps (in C and F) and I can always see it on my tool bar. I would not set it to 100 percent fan speed unless I was in a hot room or something. Speedfan allows you to set your fans in increments of 5 percent. It also lets you know processor info visually too.

If anyone else has programs they would like to share info about that would be great.

I just did not realize programs like Speedfan were available to control my fans, ect.

(Thought you had to have expensive "after market only" fans )

Its a free way to increase the performance of a computer if done correctly.

And there are lots of tutorials online to make sure you are doing it right.
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GPU-Z and CPU-Z at cpuid.com are good free tools.

I am monitoring my temps and will only adjust if needed, normal EXPECTED running temps on video cards and CPUs varies greatly, that's the range to keep in mind.

One card is running cool at 70 for it, while 70 for another is WHOA! <g>

Most motherboard BIOS/CMOS settings have temp monitoring built in, default settings usually fair, but that can be a CPU life saver when the fan on your CPU heatsink fails.

Best to be vigilant and check out your PC innards every 3 months. Compressed cans of air and Q-tips are your friend! 8) (Not while it's ON though! 8))
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