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Lvl 40 HC Dual Wield Frenzy Barb Build

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A Frenzy Dual Wield HC Barb was my all time favorite build in D2. I made a build at lvl 40 because I believe that lvl 40 is when the game becomes challenging.


The build is nothing special, but I thought that Leap is highly under rated in HC games. When a barb leaps into air, he is immuned. When he lands, he will have +400% armor for 4 seconds (with Iron Impact).

Let me know what you guys think.
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Looks pretty solid to me.

I think it'll take you through nightmare ok but I would probably swap pound of flesh or bloodthirst for a more solid mitigating passive before trying hell. When you get CC'd you can't pop ignore pain and neither of those passives will help you.
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I'd get rid of the health globe passive for ruthless and stack some extra life leech plus amethyst gems for weps + health a hit. Frenzy = several hits = several + health gains. Stack high dmg and high crit + ruthlessness = very very high and several, crits which turn into higher % of life leech. But thats just my opinion :) Relying on a globe is lame to me but yeah never know. Whatever works best for you :)
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Hi!, my first HC char just hit lvl 45 (barbie) she got 14k hp and 700 dmg, have tried running a lot of different specs, all depending on how much dmg etc I had at that point.

have very low dps atm and was thinking id uppgrade my gear a bit. maybe spec as well ;)
Going to try this one out! ;)dropping the healthglobe passive though!
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yeah i had a lvl 57 hc dw barb

its very fragile, never be too careful

never rely on lifesteal : /
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lvl 54 in a2 hell, still with cain set. ww barb spec. lag and die to 4 normal wasps who shoot at me and i run, but get lag spike, so get hit anyways.. 19 hours :(
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that was my first hc char ;)
gonna make a WD or monk next
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Cain set at lvl 54? omg
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