Diablo® III

What is the point of hardcore?

Step 1:
Roll a hardcore character

Step 2:
Play until you almost, or actually, die in a fight. This should be accompanied by a massive adrenaline/fear rush that softcore will never, ever give you.

Step 3:
Realize that steps 1 and 2 answered your question.
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EDIT^this guy got it right

i will speak from experiance, as i have some softcore destroying characters. right now i have 70m softcore gold, and a full legacy nats set at 160k dps. he is paragon 30 and boring as hell haha. as you can imagine, after 400 hours you get sick of it.

so i figured i would start over, but with 70m gold, i oculd just level a guy to 60 with all legendaries and then instantly buy him inferno gear. so i thought, well i have no hardcore gold, ill try that.

made it to act 2 inferno and died. i looked at the screen, chuckled a bit, and started a new barbarian. it is thrilling, even in act 1 when there is little threat of death, you still fear you'll lose everything.

it is a blast, as everytime you die, you have to restart. it is a "lets see how far i can get" mode. i have full gear for leveling characters (a whole tab of my stash lol) and so it only takes a few days to level back up to 60. as long as you can accept that you will die, it turns out to be quite a bit of fun. you never truely make enough money each time to brutalise everything, so it is a challange.

that being said, you havent even finished softcore, i see this mostly as a mode poeple play when they run out of stuff to do in softcore but still want to play.
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You know one thing I would have to say about HC players is they definitely have a better community then SC. I myself have never played HC due to the fact that I really enjoy the RMAH and HC does not have one. I think its the investor side in me and I really like the trading aspect between the GAH and the RMAH. I know some people don't like this but, I really do enjoy it and to each his/her own.

Despite this I have made a couple HC characters and might just play them for "fun" this weekend. I probably will start with a WD first since they seem to have an innate advantage to stay alive with really poor gear.

Anyways I /salute you guys and think you have the right attitude about playing Diablo III.
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When you are gonna die your hearts starts beating really really fast; you get those Sick emotions ONLY in hardcore ;D

plus... it is really nice to see people die xD

I also agree with Gotama, we have a really friendly and nice community :D
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10/12/2012 07:47 AMPosted by EmmetOtter
made it to act 2 inferno and died. i looked at the screen, chuckled a bit, and started a new barbarian.

You took your first death so much better than I did. I am impressed.

haha it was a glorious fight i just could not win, it took about 45 seconds for the elite snakes to kill me (waller, arcane, descecrator plague lol). i could see it coming and i couldnt have asked for a better death.

that being said, i lost my second one due to a disconnect, 3rd getting greedy again in act 2. haha i was less impressed this time :P, lost a cindercoat with almost 200 str and 90 vit, arcane fire and all resistance. (i found it too)
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Why would you play hardcore?

At the beginning, you will die but:

It has a long run learning curve, remember that you keep your gold and items in your stash so just learn from your death don't repeat the same mistake next time. YOU WILL eventually get better and now you will realize you don't want to hear about softcore anymore....

Welcome to the hardcore planet :D
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successful thread resurrection is successful
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I'm new to hardcore, and it brings something new to the game that doesn't really exist in SC once you complete it. I don't plan on 'not playing softcore', but I find that I use SC now mostly for practice so I know how to play my HC characters better, and for only a five minutes at a time. I'm leveling up a few characters simultaneously, as I do get a little bummed when I flush one (most recently a DH chasing a loot leprechaun).

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05/11/2012 12:48 PMPosted by Aoewin
HC is another style

Pretty much this... It gives the game more replayability for me at the moment... My Wizard on softcore is a CM wizard that likes to go all out and melee everything to death while throwing caution to the wind... My Wizard on hardcore, on the other hand, is a kiting wizard that tiptoes around enemies... Gives me two different ways to gear and play a class.
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I just like the excitement of playing Hardcore really. It opens up a more strategic side to the game too, since you can't run in head first relatively risk-free, you gotta think about things before you burst open that wooden door and just attack whatever's in there. Oh and that feeling when you get out of a sticky situation with <1% of your life left is better than sex.
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I think loss of character is an appropriate penalty for death in a dungeon crawler/ARPG.
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Today I dropped to about 5 percent health and my heart was beating like there was no tomorrow. I somehow survived that encounter (honestly didn't think I was going to), and I screamed "thats why i play hardcore you noobs!" It took me 10 minutes to calm down. I've never got half that excited on softcore. Thats why I play.
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HC is the true end game of Diablo 3.
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item-sink alone is a good reason how HC is better than SC.. =)
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