I usually don't post my builds but since you can inspect other people in this game, might as well. I expect to be nerfed in a month. This build is not finished, I have to test abilities in certain situations. The bread and butter will be debuffing with shouts, buffing with shouts, high armor, high thorns, and regeneration/lifesteal.


Rend is a maybe. 9% health from damage might be too low but I have to TEST it first. I never just assume something will work or not work in games. Always test it. I like rend because you can just apply it and focus on movement rather than attack. Hit, run 3 seconds, hit, run 3 seconds. That will be my strategy and test phase.

In a group, you give your party many buffs. The runes can be changed on the fly so if things are too easy, Ill just switch to a treasure find build.