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Unforgiving passive...

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Anyone know if this talent will make it so you tick up to max fury standing in town? Or does this effect only start working once you're in combat...Would be lovely to know this one way or the other.
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I wouldn't worry about it until they improve it. It really is pretty bad. You can run through beta and barely ever have fury decrease. Just hit barrels, tables, chairs, logs, etc between groups of mobs. You get like 8 seconds before fury even starts dropping. You can hit all sorts of objects too, not just ones that give items, they are all over the place.
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I'd be happy to provide you with a real educated answer Asraemj!

Unlike my uneducated friend Sheldor here, I refuse to tell you not to worry about it after you have already taken the time to ask. I will also not tell you Unforgiving is "pretty bad" with no comparison or explanation for my useless logic.

Sheldor's basis of implying all aspects of the game will be linear to only the first 13 playable beta levels and then projecting his/her moronic opinion upon forum viewers regarding a passive that didn't exist in the beta and respectfully, truly supports builds we don't have access to should be outcast and highly frowned upon.

Let us get started!

You no longer degenerate Fury. Instead, you gain 1 Fury every 2 seconds.

This tooltip gives zero implications that a specific situation must take place, ie. being in combat / must be out of town. Generating 1 Fury every 2 seconds should be just as simple as that, and I will expect to see my Fury bubble continue to fill while standing in a town.

Regarding a combat system, the designers tried something of the sort for swapping abilities from you action bars. This failed miserably due to D3 being a much faster passed game. Last I checked, there is no "in combat / out of combat" type system within the game. Due to the fast changing nature of the beta, there is always a possibility this have been changed once again.

As a side note, if you are tying to support a max Fury build, this passive will make your life far easier. Though, I do not feel this passive will be mandatory for max Fury builds as you could compensate with different passives and Fury generating runes.
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I liken this passive as the comparison of rage and energy in the warcraft universe. So I think it will work in town.

Until we can access it we just cant know.

7 hours ><
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Thank you for the detailed response Byakurai, I too hope to see my Fury bar filled while sitting in town. I am not going for a max-fury build, per-say but it would be best to have ample resources. I was worried about having to run in just to generate some resources, but thankfully Leap builds, instead of consumes resource which really helps a tonne.
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If it gave 2 fury per second, then that would be really good.
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05/14/2012 06:29 PMPosted by Aragami
If it gave 2 fury per second, then that would be really good.

too good you might say ;-)
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