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Build to abuse "Thrive on Chaos" with WotB

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In a nutshell, the idea is to get maximum and possibly "infinite" (limited by mobs) uptime on the Wrath of the Berserker skill. This nets you +10% crit chance, +25% attack speed, +20% dodge, and +20% movement speed as long as it's active. Then, once you've got a "Surplus" of Fury and time remaining on WotB (or it's going to come off cooldown soon), you use Rend as your big aoe hitter that also heals you.

How it works:

Passives: Weapons Master (using Mighty Weapons)+Animosity both increase your fury generation. It's not clear how they'll stack however; for now I'll just assume that they don't stack at all, if they do stack (IE 3.3 extra fury per creature hit ) then it's even better. Boon of Bul-Kathos is the last passive, it's just there to re-push WotB faster if you run out of enemies to gain fury on or such.

For the main rotation, the "worst case scenario" is a single boss without any extra mobs, since it renders cleave mostly useless (if this becomes the #1 farm scenario in inferno, you could use Bash instead of cleave with the +6 fury rune).

So on a single target boss of this nature, assuming a 1 second GBC:
(note, the +x Fury at the end is how much fury in excess of 25 you have gained, each 25 before this adds one second to WotB)

1) Activate WotB-15 seconds remaining
2) Use War Cry to gain 20% armor and 66 fury-16 seconds remaining (+16 fury)
3) Use Ancient Spear to deal damage+36 fury-17 seconds remaining (+2 fury)
4) Use Ground stomp to stun+36 fury-17 seconds remaining (+13 fury)
5) Cleave to deal damage+11.8 fury-16 seconds remaining (+24.8 fury)
6) Cleave " "-16 seconds remaining (+11.6 fury)
7) Cleave " "-15 seconds remaining (+23.4 fury)
8) Cleave " "-15 seconds remaining (+10 fury)
9) Cleave " "-14 seconds remaining (+21.8 fury)
10) Cleave " "-14 seconds remaining (+8.6 fury)
11) Ancient Spear (off cd) to gain 36 fury-15 seconds remaining (+19.6 fury)
12) Ground Stomp to gain 36 fury-17 seconds remaining (+5.6 fury)

...and so on. Now, keep in mind that

A) You obviously can throw in some Rends into that rotation to deal some bleed damage and self heal. I'd guess that between 5-10 on the list above you could throw in at least 3 Rends without risk

B) This is again the worst case scenario with only one (presumably a boss) target. The fury gains from cleave and the modifiers get pretty redonkulus when you're against multiple targets


My main concern would be staying alive with this build; you DO have an aoe stun ground stomp, life gain through rend, +20% armor with war cry, and 20% dodge from WotB...but is that enough for Inferno?. An alternate build would remove ground stomp in favor of Ignore Pain with the "Ignorance is bliss" rune. The GBC this would use would take a lot of rends out of the equation, but you'd gain a LOT of survivability and life gain, so less damage for more survival.

The other weakness (possibly) is that I don't know what our attack speed will be at max level in top gear; again WotB gives +25% attack speed already though, and who knows what gear will provide. So I'm hoping that my one second between attacks may actually be conservative but we'll see.

Other than that, this build should do SICK aoe damage (cleave+rend), gives you a nigh permanent +20% movement along with all the damage modifiers attached to WotB, and would make you a fury generating terror for trash.
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Well you have to dump Fury to generate it, which means you need a fury dump. I think your best bet in that department would be Weapon Throw with Dread Bomb.

The problem with perma WotB builds is that you lose a lot of viability in the other aspects of your build just to keep it up.

You can get the increased crit from Overpower with the crit rune and you'll probably keep that +10% crit up constantly.

You can get the attack speed (actually 3x better attack speed) and almost as much movement speed from Frenzy if you rune it for move speed. Less AoE but then you can use a fury dump for your AoE and use Frenzy with Berzerker Rage for bosses.

You can get the dodge chance from items.

It could be a decent build I just feel you're wasting a lot of resources keeping up WotB.

Another quick note, if you went with weapon throw with dread bomb that kind of solves your single target problem. If you can manage to keep WotB up (I'd look at Bash with Instigation, with a Mighty Weapon and WotB you get 16.5 fury at 1.625 attacks per second, with haste itemization you might be able to make this work) then you'll be maxing your fury out fast enough that Dread Bomb is no longer a huge rage dump to allow you to generate more fury to keep WotB up, but an important part to the build.
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Are you saying that gaining rage "doesn't count" if you're at full rage resource bar wise? If so then yeah, dread bomb is a good idea; I had considered earthquake for it's synergy with boon before, but it obviously could still limit your fury dump with it's cooldown.

As to being able to keep it up, again a big question mark is how animosity and weapons master stack, or whether they do at all. On the plus side, Animosity raising your max rage to 120 would make weapon throw even better.
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That is my build for WoTB I think this build will work well It has frenzy as a single target and in a big number of mobs it shines. You can build Fury in a hurry with this build and you have a cc and a def buff, with just 3 clicks you add 4 sec to WoTB and hit adds with cleave or Frenzy a single target. I could swap Boon for something else imo but we never know when a Elite or rare pack will pop up.

I think that you cant add to WoTB if you are at max fury thats the reason for Throw-Dreadbomb. And with gear you could maybe get your fury over 200. Breadbomb would be just amazing with 200 + fury. The only thing I would replace Throw with would be WW and thats cos it cost per sec (I think) and you would be building fury per hit with WW.
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!@#$%^- it, you said rage instead of fury, now you got me saying it ><

Why did Blizzard rename it anyway? It's pretty obvious what WoW class they were basing the barbarian off of :P
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