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Help Vid Card!

Hey guys.. With launch just a little more than 24 hours away... ( I am EST time zone so its 3 am tues. for me!) I was planning on upgrading to a HD set up-- my current video card runs the game on *high* on all settings like butter smooth but the only problem is.. I use a 34 inch apex non HD TV as a monitor and my video card doesn't have an HDMI slot. So I am going to post my video card here and I am looking for suggestions on what card to buy.

Keep in mind please when looking at this that I only have 680 dollars to work with for the monitor and video card and a 20 dollar HDMI cable so Hopefully I can spend less than 300$ on the monitor and the video card separately and still get a sweet upgrade-- Remember also that I am not looking for a huge performance upgrade.. just a slight one that will be 1080p compatible!

Okay so what I have right now is a
Nvidia GeForce GTX 260 with 1792 MB of dedicated Video memory.. Total available graphics memory is 4095 MB.

Any HD monitor I buy will be a size downgrade but a HUGE quality upgrade.. I am thinking of going with samsung.

I am looking for different opinions here.. Keep in mind that I would rather stick with Nvidia-- also.. I do not mind cutting size of screen for quality! I needs my true HD! Also.. I will be limited to be shopping with what best buy has in stock tomorrow because the game launches tomorrow and I do NOT want to have any problems tomorrow night when I'm trying to play so.. I want a card that is pretty much gauranteed to run D3 without a hiccup! Because my current vid card runs it excellently! Thanks all for reading and thanks ahead of time for opinions.. If any additional info about my computer is needed it is below.

2.6 gig processor (quad core) liquid cooled alienware
9 gigs of DDR3 RAM etc...
Not sure what motherboard is but I am pretty sure it could handle most video cards out right now!.. Thanks again all!
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I meant to post this under the hardware section.. my fault!
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