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What do you think dmg does to zombie wall?

My ? is do you think each zombie in the wall has a set amount of hit points or are hit points handled wall wide?

EX: Will 1 zombie die and creat a hole that the enemy can come through or will the wall have a set amount of hitpoints where they all die at 1 time?

Or and I would hope this isnt the case. Will the zombies live without fear of them dieing for the duration of the skill?

I know this probly cant be answered with 100% certainty but what are your thoughts?
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With 100% certainty (or close) I can tell you that it doesn't have hit points and enemies don't attack it. And there aren't really individual zombies. It's just animated to look like that. But the engine treats it like one big mass.
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eh I really hope your wrong! I would like there to be a way for the enemy to breach the wall without just running around it.

WD is going to be my main and I like risk involved in every skill.

So what your saying is that the duration of the skill is all we have to worry about?

Maybe its just me looking back on the Necro and bonewall having hitpoints I dont know. But I kinda look at the wall as being a pet. Pets have hitpoints ergo my wish for the mechanics of the skill.
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It's just a wall.

No killing it.
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The real question is: At what level does it start casting bio?
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05/13/2012 08:42 PMPosted by HoosierDaddy
WD is going to be my main and I like risk involved in every skill.

The risk involved with Wall of Zombies is that the wall may not cover enough of an area to stop enemies, may not last long enough and be up fast enough again (due to only 20% uptime), and may be passable by some monsters, eg Teleporting Champions/Bosses, monsters that can leap, monster that are ethereal, etc.
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The real question is if the WoZ is high enough to stop hostile ranged attacks.
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