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Best class synergy with Barbarian buddy Duo

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My buddy is going to roll a Barbarian for his first character and I am unsure what class I want to use why leveling with him. Once we reach Inferno what class will have the best synergy with the Barbarian. It seems to me the Monk's mantras and the Barbarian's defensive buffs would give us a lot of survivability but would we have enough DPS? Should I roll a wizard so we can deal huge amounts of damage to a single target? Or should I consider the Demon Hunter so I can bait and snare adds why we focus fire the boss?
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I may be pairing up with a Wizard so that is viable but the Monk+Barb combo also sounds pretty lethal. I don't think you could go wrong there. I would suggest you play which class appeals you the most and you would have the most aptitude for and then seek out the synergy in your builds and your tactics. There are so many different builds that any class combo could find some synergy. I agree that Barb+Monk is going to have a lot of survivability options and that Wizard+Barb is a good compliment that could do high damage (and have added utility!.) DH meh not somuch I would shy away from that perhaps. If I had to guess I would imagine WD and DH will be popular for people who are going to Solo often.
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I donno considering you can still have followers, it almost doesn't really matter. Templar can heal, Demon guy can deal damage, Wizard can CC. Anything beyond the followers is just extra. But ya I think Monk is a good choice all around really.
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If I were in your shoes I'd play a Witch Doctor. That way I could:
1. Take a "Controller" role
2. Refer to my buddy as a minion
3. Say "Chicken Arise" and "Hold on wait for fog machine"
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