I took Bash w/ Punish for my Primary. I like that it has a damage buff that can stack and I like that it has a knockback.

I have Seismic Slam with Stagger as my Secondary. This was a hard slot to fill. There are several abilties that I like. I like the stun and the knockback, and that it is an AoE spell.

Ignore Pain w/ Ignorance is bliss for my main defensive to reduce big damage and to get life back.

Furious Charge with Battering Ram from the Might spells. This I love that is a gap closer, a knockback, and damage all in one. Perhaps I have too much knockback? The only thing I don't like about knockbacks is that it could take the monsters out of my melee range.

Finally my two shouts are Battle Rage with Marauders Rage and Wrath of the Berserker with Insanity. These are both big damage buffs and the runes increase the buff amounts.

For my passives I selected Ruthless, Inspiring Presence, and Juggernaut. Ruthless for more damage and the other two mainly for my Life regen. It was hard to pick passives and there were a few that really are temping like Weapons Master, Bloodthirst or any of the defense and mitigation passives.

It has a lot of knockback and life regen in this build. It is more about buffing damage than having a variety of damaging spells. I think perhaps without earthquake or even without whirlwind this build might be lacking in some important areas but I will have to see how it plays out.
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