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Are we able to play offline?


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Hey guys

Are we able to play diablo3 offline? or cant we install it to 5pm?
We can install soon, You cannot play this game offline. Servers go live at 5pm.
You cannot ever play diablo 3 offline at all.

You can install the game in about 15min, but you cannot play it till 5pm.
Diablo 3 has no offline play.

So no, you cannot play the game at all until 5pm.

For clarification the game DOES have single player, you just have to be connected to the servers to play it.
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Well ty guys :)
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Oh wait we can't play till 5pm tomorrow??? As in on Tuesday? A day later than everyone else?
05/14/2012 07:20 AMPosted by Eid
Oh wait we can't play till 5pm tomorrow??? As in on Tuesday? A day later than everyone else?

5pm Tuesday for us is midnight for the US. We play at the same time they do.1
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Why have all the online counters timed down then?

I thought I was pretty on the ball with D3 news and I had no idea.. feel sorry for others waiting up like me lol
The countdowns seem to have bugged out in the last 24 hours for unknown reasons.

Trust me its 5pm we can play, I hang around these forums and such far too often.
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Can we download the game tonight?
05/14/2012 07:34 AMPosted by Lichguard
Can we download the game tonight?

If you want to predownload the client you can get it here:

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and then install it in 22 minutes :D
It's worthwhile downloading and installing the game as soon as you can - many have had various issues with the launcher and such, getting it to download and install properly is something you'd rather do before the servers turn on.
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The point of necroing this was?
wow i was all like OMG after 10 years its finaly here and the raced down to EB this morning grabbed it gone home ( called in sick lol ) installed it and then " sorry bro not till 5 pm tonight "


who has 2 thumbs and epic blue balls ............................. this guy
Blizzard need to rectify this! why should we australians suffer waiting for 17 hours after its release HERE IN AUSTRALIA!!!! NOT AMERICA!!!!
i do agree just put it online so we can play !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is an injustice. I live in the country, and our internet connection isn't the best. They should at least give us the option to play offline.
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