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Digital Download activation question?

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Hey all,

For those who purchased the digital version of D3, do we have to explicitly "activate" it? I checked my account settings, but there's no activation key to speak of -- so, presumably, it's already activated?

Thanks in advance.

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19 Undead Rogue
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I'm encountering the same problem. The key isn't where it should be, and I can't find it.
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Same. I cannot find my key. looked for my confirmation email and it says to look under my diablo 3 dashboard. Cannot find any of this
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once agian... physical copy ftw :)
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I just said already activated and it installed and completed. If you had a digital copy the key should be already binded to your account when you log in.
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same issue for me as well... requires a key i can't locate
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Its only asking you to activate now knowing if you bought a online version or a hard version. If you have already added D3 to your Battle.net account just hit already activated. You had to mainly buy the game before you could download it from what i understand.
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It's already activated to your battlenet account. The game doesn't require a software key to run you just need a battlenet account which has an active Diablo 3 license in order to use the client.

The only people getting a key are retail players because they are required to activate it to a battlenet account. If you bought it digitally Blizzard already activated your license to your battlenet account for you.
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Yes I'm guessing it's locked in some way at the moment, install and keep an eye out for a blue on this.
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I bought it digitally and I am installing it now by pressing the "I already activated the game" as you say. Although it seems to install, it continues to spam me with a pop up saying that "if my instal disc was ejected, reinsert it. if not, and if this error keeps coming, please install diablo 3 from battle net digitally"

I am in fact trying to install it digitally, but the installer seems to think I am trying to use a disc. anyone else having this issue? not sure the download can finish
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I am having the same issue, and pressing I have already activated the game is not helping I am stuck at 1%. anyone figure this out yet?
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If you accidently hit activate instead of I already have activated will it still work?
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Digital purchase = No need to activate.
Just click the other button, the one that says you already activated it.

"I hit activate": no problem, nothing happened.
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I think I have finally got it working (up to 10%) but I had to re-download the installer to get it to work and to quit spamming me with that gay pop up message.
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Blizzard's online b.net model that WoW and Diablo share means you activate a game to your b.net account.

So because you bought it through them, your account should already say it had D3 on it. Which means you're done.

If you had bought it in a store you would need to activate the key that came in the box to add D3 to you b.net accont.

TLDR - You're good
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You can verify it's activated by checking your games on battle.net, for you nervous nellies :)
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Just installed digital. no need for Key. its already "Active" on your account when you log in to your account here.

The install was quick (~10 minutes), and im in the game now ;D just gotta wait for servers to be up!
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strangely, when i tried to login to asia server, it says the battlenet account do not have a D3 licence. but i bought the game online, downloaded it, and installed it. and when i go to my bnet homepage, it shows that the account for D3 is active and it shows GLOBAL region...

so why can't i login to ASIA server then??
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When I try to complete my installation it tells me there's an issue with the decryption and to contact customer support. And closes out of d3. Anyone else getting this?
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