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Stuck at Updating Setup files.

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Ok i finnaly managed to launch the game here is what i did.

First you need to make sure the service thing is set to Automatic , iam sure there is a thread telling how to do it on this very thread.

Second you need a working Agent folder, place it on your Program Data/Battle.net folder.
To see this folder you need to go into explorer/tools/folder options and look for the option that unhides hidden folders

Third you need to right click EVERY file that has Agent name on it and click the Run as Admin box ( i did not need to set compatibility box).

That did it for me, and i had done all these things before several times, but somehow someway doing it again did it
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So i did turned the agent.exe to administrator like people are saying and now its trying to launch the blizzard launcher over and over but keeps going back to updating setup files, can someone please reexplain how to do the fix
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i am downloading it from a disk and i get the same as you
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Unbelievable that the same problems exist that were around when the beta was running. Been working on this for hours now, tried every "fix" there is, and still nothing. Hangs every time at the updating setup files screen. Game is in development for years and the very first step in installing doesn't work.
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Stuck at about 2/3 Updating Setup Files. WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Dangit, since I live in New Jersey it goes by Eastern time so I won't be able to log on til 3 AM. Anyway everyone should post what kinda operating system they're working with for more accurate help since I'm hearing all kinds of complications here.
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It Worked for me!

Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services

Scroll down and find “Secondary Logon”

Right Click > Properties

Change it from ‘Disabled’ to ‘Automatic’

This worked for me instantly.
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i deleted the battle.net folder in documents and settings\all users\application data and it worked
still trying to get the setup files update to finish ,i hate you blizz ive wasted the whole day cos of you
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I changed to automatic and then reset my computer. Before the reset I was stuck 1/3 now I'm stuck 2/3... Also can't find programdata on win 7

edit" ctrl alt del to task and deleted agent... got to ~97%
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Having the same issues.
I'm running Windows 7.
The "Updating Setup Files" will get to about ninety or ninety-five percent and then freeze. If I open the task manager and end the agent.exe process, the message will say "Launching Blizzard Launcher" and will hang at the same spot before starting the agent process again and kicking the progress bar back down to about thirty percent. If I delete the agent files as some have directed it will again get to about ninety or ninety-five percent before the agent files reappear and kick it back down to thirty-percent.

I'm getting frustrated, much like everyone else and I'm failing to understand why the launcher would open just days ago telling me that the game had not launched yet yet. Now, on launch day, I can't even get that much.
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I changed to automatic and then reset my computer. Before the reset I was stuck 1/3 now I'm stuck 2/3... Also can't find programdata on win 7

if you open the task manager with that bar running right click the agent.exe process and then click open file location, that will show you where your battle.net file is.
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05/14/2012 09:13 PMPosted by Bazrael

Somehow, someway, it finally launched and is now installing, although it's been at 1% for about five to ten minutes now.
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