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Barbarian, no fury spender build

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Has anyone looked into a build that has no fury spender except for WOTB?

I feel like 25% damage synergy with berserker rage would be an interesting option considering you will never spend rage outside of wotb, and the fact that wotb will be up far more often because you wont be spending any time using spells that spend rage.

Let me know what you think

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Almost every "theoretical best build" I come up with is without a fury spender.

You can get enough aoe damage from things like revenge/charge/leap (or cleave if you use it as your primary attack). Not to mention the increase from zerker rage.

Single target will be just fine too. Hell cleave can get close to 200% weapon damage with zerker rage.

At the end of the day you basically trade a passive away, for an extra active skill/increased utility.
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05/13/2012 02:20 AMPosted by Arath

Not enough AoE...
I like non-fury spender talents. I definately will try..
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There is speculation that thrive on chaos only triggers on fury that fills up the fury meter and any ammount beyond that value does not count towards the 25 fury required for each additional second.

For this reason wrath of the bersker may not function the way you are expecting it to. Prepare to use another ability for that slot, just in case.
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bloodthirst would be good in this build with your massive attack speed and damage buffs
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Here's my no fury spender build, I will be opening with bash to get the extra 18% dmg. With battle rage up and at full fury, frenzy will be hitting for 198% weap dmg initially (218% after 5 hits), plus the extra 75% attack speed (if using swords/daggers). I'm planning this build for Inferno where I will need tons of damage, plus be able to survive being beat on. Planning on using this build with two 1-handers to maximise attacks to make sure I can keep throwing in bashes to keep the dmg buff up.
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The higher the base damage of weapons climb the bigger difference there will be between fury generators/spenders.

For early leveling 10-20dps I'm sure you could do whatever you want with little difference but by level 60 (which your build requires you are talking about 200+ dps weapons)

HOTA is 270%,
Rend is 271% (small range) 210% large
SS 155-255% depending on the glyph
BR is a 30% damage increase (which is already better than the 25% BR, though they are technically not exclusive)
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I dont know for sure but I think you have to be (FILLING) your fury globe to be counted as fury gained.

EX: If your at 100% fury your not gaining fury.

You need a fury dump!

This is only my opinion and I think there are alot of ppl that subscribe to this system.
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