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item affixes/elemental damage way too boring

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I guess it is a byproduct of trying to be too anal about "balance" and making everything equal and losing creativity but I find it really lame looking through all the possible item affixes especially the class specific skill affixes are very very boring and standard nearly all of them are ether 1-3% proc chance of some standard status effect like stun/chill/root or a 5% bonus to crit chance or damage.
all elemental damage like said in many other threads is just really boring all does is a number in a math problem working in the background getting fire is no different than arcane damage other than a slight weapon glow aura even WoW the ultimate in gear equalization and lack of creative freedom has more exciting weapon enchant modifications.
also doing a quick skim of the legendary items there seems to be no really unique stats that are just dam thats awesome at least nothing to spectacular from the rest of the boring minor stat changes compared to the rest of the random affix pool for rare and magic items.
sure I will have good time in this game long time to come its just disappointing how linear the gearing curve is going to be you really only do a bigger number of damage with different gear nothing in the actual gameplay will ever change.

I like some of the unique items in Path of Exile way more that often of mods on them that can not be obtained anywhere else in the entire game except for that 1 item and sometimes is even worth making a whole new character to level and build around that 1 unique item. they are just way cool and has a true sense of uniqueness unlike with the legendary items here that are does not feel legendary at all more like the feeling of getting a purple item in WoW instead of getting your second binding for thunderfury the way it should be.
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agreed and reposted from another thread:

"... I do not like the +skill affixes too which are just boring ... 5% damage or crit on one ability, which is competing with 30% max damage, 100% crit damage or other abilities which are superior. I cannot foresee much skill customization through gear with these skill specific affixes.

I was really hoping the plus skill items would modify the effectiveness of all green numbers in the tooltips. For example more Mirror Images/Fetish summoned, magic missile would increase the amount of missiles fired (doubled again if you had the multishot rune) or the distance of your teleport gets longer …"

Let's hope the guide is by far not complete!
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some examples of a similar game Path of Exile unique stats from unique items

60% increased armor and magic shield / 50% reduced max mana
gain power charges on crit (this is a very unique way of gaining power charges in this game the only other way I know of is by Killing mobs with using a specific skill)

enemies can have 1 additional curse(this is almost but not quite on par with say a bonus that allows monks to use 2 mantras at once)

100% increased magic find when low on life

reduced mana cost when low on life

increased elemental resist when low on life

100% increased damage when low on life

adds an additional arrow (is a gem that adds multiple projectiles at reduced dmg but this one does not reduce damage is unique though in item stats)

a weapon that has a mod on it that will instant kill any mob it hits that is below 10% life

although the stat is not unique the way it is balanced is. A piece of chest armor that has +1000hp (really friken high) but that is the only stat on it and it permanently has 0 sockets (all other gear in the game in this slot can have up to 6 sockets) very cool and unique.

weapon that has a very significant boost to damage but removes ability to crit

chances to avoid elemental status effects

applies block chance to spells

increased character size (lol)

+X to the level of gems socketed in this item

increased radius of area skills(are talents but not item mods for this)

never miss

boots that increase movement speed by a significant amount by reduces movement speed by 40% when low on life (ouch)

increase exp gain (although common kind of in d3 as far as I know there is no other possible way to get this kind of mod)

there are more but these come from a game being developed by like 6 people with their entire budget smaller than what blizzard uses on staples but the best they can come up with is 5% damage here 5% crit there and the cherry on top is a 1% chance to root a ranged mob for 1 second holy crap this is exciting.

also elemental damage ACTUALLY DOES SOMETHING ZOMG
frost damage can chill(reduced cast/attack/movespeed) or freeze like a stun.
fire damage can cause burning a short duration dot that does i believe before talents 30% of the fire damage caused.
electric damage that can cause "shock" debuff. Shock increases damage taken by 50% can stack up to 3 times.
also you cant just get a little of each element and be OP. duration/damage of these effects depend on the amount of damage caused of that elment. so if you have an item that has 1-3 lightning damage at lvl one dont be thinking you can go around doing 150% more dmg to everyone all the time.

their skill system althought much different than d3 is pretty cool and creative. with the latest patch come out with traps and totems. say you can take a normal fireball spell put a totem support gem on it and the totem uses the fireball! can do this with any other spell. really cool simple and creative. not saying D3 skill system needs work its fine I like it the skillsa re cool. I like how runes can sometimes completely 180degree how the skill looks and functions. its just the item affixes are just so incredibly boring does not seem no mater if you get a 1 in 10million legendary drop your game play just will not change apart from killing faster and dieing slower BORING.
I for one am really dissapointed considering that blizzard has probably the biggest budget than any other game company in the world. access to all the best game artists in the world. They have probably already made more money in the last 5 days with preorders than this f2p Path of Exile game will make over the next 5 years and only have a really small development team is just so much more creative than anyone at blizzard just makes me sad.

sorry for wallio of textico
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I agree that Path of Exile is awesome. I have been playing the beta while waiting for d3. It's sad that a small team of diehard RPGers have made a game on a shoestring budget and donations that seems to be far more creative than the multi year multi million dollar budgets that blizz has. I really like everything about PoE and I hope more people play it. It would be great for the indie gameverse. Here is the link for peeps to check it out.

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+1 for boring affixes, long foreseen, unfortunately realized.
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also doing a quick skim of the legendary items there seems to be no really unique stats that are just dam thats awesome at least nothing to spectacular from the rest of the boring minor stat changes compared to the rest of the random affix pool for rare and magic items.

For the umpteenth time those are placeholder items the database is being updated monday.
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05/13/2012 06:52 PMPosted by ErikZx6r
For the umpteenth time those are placeholder items the database is being updated monday.

so what you are saying is blizzard intentionally fed bradygames false information to use in their guide?
did not realize that you could "update" item tables on a hard copy of a guide on the fly.

Last I checked most people do not put false information as a placeholder but just a note that its not finished yet. those items are clearly finished.
this game has been in development for years and they made their choice how they wanted to build items and customize player stats, did it wrong in my opinion but hey there is nothing wrong about taking the boring safe road in the pursuit for guaranteed profit gains.
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+1 for boring affixes

especially when it comes to legendaries I was hoping for affixes like 5% frostnova on hit and affixes that modify skills, not only by damage but radius of effect, number of projectiles etc.
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I'm level 55 and the items just seem so monotonous. I thought there would be cool procs to look forward to but really it's all just the same except bigger numbers. It all feels like design by spreadsheet.
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