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Download Reset - Please Help

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My Diablo 3 installer download has reset itself. I had approx. 5 gb of the installer downloaded and I went to finish it off today and now it says I only have 616mb... I check the folder properties and indeed it is only 616mb... I had over 5gb before and now it is only 616mb. I need help, I am worried that I won't finish the download in time for release (my internet is reeeeaaaally slow so it takes a long time to download) and if this happens again tomorrow what then?

Any help is appreciated.
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I'm having the same problem. I just watched my download finish and it would never stop or let me confirm that the download was done. I closed it and started it back up and it started back over at 3 gigs. : (
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Similar problem here, happened to me twice with eu and us downloader restarting all the way back to 36mb.
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So, does anyone know what causes this or a way to prevent it?
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it seems like mine has reset to like 23mb too. but my internet blows at night its running at 100 k/bs. BUT! its loading alot faster than 100 kb/s. so maybe give it a bit? not really sure.
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Same thing happening to me. I AM SO UPSET!
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I just posted this in another thread but same applies:

After looking around a bit in the actual Diablo III installer file, I found "Previous versions" under properties. It showed the 5gb file download from before my downloader closed. I simply clicked on the file and pressed "restore".

After about 10 minutes I had my 5gb back, and then restarted the blizzard downloader by opening it to the same spot you originally saved the file to.

After about three minutes of "initializing", it finally moved and said "checking". Another five minutes later, it had checked up to my previous 5gb and resumed downloading.

P.S. At some point it wouldn't let me do anything due to not having permission or some junk like that. I eventually found out that the Installer folder was set to "Read Only", so as soon as I unclicked that option and it let me open downloader again.
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