Diablo® III

Barb, you think more or less downtime thanwiz

This is my deciding factor this morning. It seems barb has alot more lifesteal and that the one shout gives 1% max health every second.

I'm still torn on which class I'm making my main! I want it to be barb :(((

Someone persuade me! xox
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Persuasion will seem like someone manipulating you later.

Wait until you can try them both, or watch the videos on this site under the media tab, (likely), and go from there.
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GO WIZARD (Waits for the inevitable barbarian onslaught). No but in all seriousness I also can't decide between barbarian or wizard. Watching the beta playthroughs barbarian but through everything about as quickly as the wizard was able too. That may have changed though. Monk looked like a single target killer early on.
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I'm going barb for sure. I enjoy wizard based classes but Barbs are great for a first character since you can cleave your way through just about everything and build up a decent item set. I feel like casters are always more dependent on the effects of their gear where a Barb can just slash and chop through everything even with basic weapons and still be successful.
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Here's what I noticed in the beta: The wizard is supposed to be a super-strong aoe glass cannon; so she can do massive damage but can't take hits.


The Barbarian is able to take hits...but also has -excellent- aoe of his own. Cleave is a freaking resource generator and it's a much better aoe than anything a low level wizard has.

Now, this might change with gear and higher levels, but I have to wonder how they'll make Cleave, Earthquake, and so on "bad" compared to the wizard? The only real weakness the barbarian has is that he has to get into melee range and doesn't have as much kiting potential; but again he has a ton of skills to survive melee range. Whereas the wizard is actively trying to avoid melee range (wastes time), and is fubar if mobs catch him without a defensive ability ready.
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05/14/2012 01:05 PMPosted by Kronos
life steal abilities are nerfed the higher you go in difficulty.

source? they mentioned how leech wouldn't be as effective as it was in diablo 2 but never mentioned anything else about it. Even at a reduced effect, an Overpower /w Revel hitting 10-15 mobs would be 20%-30% heal, and this is assuming it's nerfed to 1/4 of it's original effect on Inferno.
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