Diablo® III

People who have installed.

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7,77 GB (8.343.538.817 Bytes)
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7.77 gigs
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100 Tauren Druid
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05/14/2012 11:25 AMPosted by Blitz
7.76 GB

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85 Human Mage
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I am able to install the game but it is asking for an activation key....how will i be recieving this key from blizzard at mdnight if I purchased a digital copy of the game? email? somewhere on my battle.net account?
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85 Worgen Priest
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7.77 GB (8,343,605,248 bytes) on disk.
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8,343,516,663 bytes or 7.76GB

think language client is biggest variant for most people, but 7.76 or 7.77 means you dont have any extra files.
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7.77 GB (8,343,621,632 bytes)
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Size: 7.76 Gb
Size on disk: 7.77 Gb (8,343,609,344 bytes)

Contains: 40 Files, 14 Folders
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I hope my game file is not corrupted. Everyone has 7.76 gig files while I have 8.47.
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Tree Fiddy
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7.76 gb here
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89 Blood Elf Death Knight
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The size is 7.6gb...stop feeding this trolls
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90 Human Paladin
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7.77 here...was so excited when it let me install, but all it let me do was watch the into cinematic. Damn you blizzard for teasing me! lol
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05/14/2012 11:54 AMPosted by Allastar
The size is 7.6gb...stop feeding this trolls

Who's trolling? I really do have a 8.47 gig file. No need to be a complete douche about it.
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mine has 7.76gb installed ... seems that most people have that .
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