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I can't really see any type of build not favoring this ability. It's relatively cheap and unlike the other mobility enhancers, without cooldown. Rune Marathon for rushing, Gangway for progressing, and either or for farming. Gangway in particular with trivialize any mob mechanic that features high priority targets being guarded by their grunts. Run anywhere regardless of the obstacles in your path, seriously!
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I will be using sprint for PvP mostly. Here is the build I will use.


I will be duel wielding mighty weapons for the extra fury gain.

Frenzy (Smite) : My main attack... I will be attacking fast from duel wield and frenzy plus smite will hold them there for a second for me to lay into them.

Sprint (Rush) : I will be stacking dodge from the other skills. So you get the idea. 12% more dodge

Battle Rage (Into the Fray) : More damage, more fury

Wrath of the Berserker (Thrive on Chaos) :20% dodge, 25% more speed, 10% crit, and even more attack speed 25%!!!

War Cry (Veteran's Warning) : more fury, and another 15% dodge

Threatening Shout (Intimidate) : Reduce enemies damage and slowing them! so I can continue to smash them with frenzy/smite.

My passives are fit great with the build.. Ruthless "More Crit" Weapon Master "More Fury" and for the last skill I can leave open to experiment with, but I chose inspiring presence "For the health gain and longer debuff/buffs.

This build is sick... it has high defense... High fast damage... Extremely mobile/speed. Actually I will be able to use my speed for defense and offense... I should be able to chase down anyone.

When the build is fully up and running this is what I will have, (Not counting gear which will be even more)

Crit Chance: 18%
Movement Speed: 60%
Dodge: 47%
Attack Speed: 125% (Duel Wield+Wrath+Frenzy)

Fury Gain per attack with Frenzy/Weapon Master 6 ( @125% attack speed...That is some fast fury gain)

Remember this build gents it will be a keeper for pvp! :)))
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